Grey's Anatomy has been on the air and breaking hearts for what feels like forever. In fact, the medical drama is about to enter its whopping 13th season on ABC. And like every other season, we can expect Shonda Rhimes and company to absolutely break out hearts and reduce us to ugly crying messes in the comfort of our homes. One of Grey's' tried and true methods for eliciting this emotional response is through character deaths, and there have been a ton of them throughout the series' long tenure. But which ones were the worst?

The following is a list of the 10 most shocking Grey's Anatomy deaths. These aren't necessarily the most heartbreaking deaths (although many of them are), but the ones which took the viewers off guard and probably reduced them to tears in the process. Obviously major spoilers are ahead for the medical drama, as well as some possibly upsetting imagery of the scenes. Let's get right into it.

10. Heather Brooks

Heather Brooks (played by Napoleon Dynamite and Veronica Mars actress Tina Majorino) joined the cast in Season 9, when a new group of interns joined the ranks of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was arguably the least annoying intern of the group, although Cristina Yang dubbed her "mousy" which became her other name to the staff. During the superstorm which sent the hospital into a black out, her fellow intern Shane lied and told her that Derek wanted her to search the generator room for Richard Webber. Unfortunately, this resulted in Brooks being electrocuted and hitting her head badly during her fall. Derek and Shane eventually rushed her into surgery, but the swelling in her brain was too much and she died on the table. It was a massive shock to lose one of the interns so soon, and caused some really great drama due to Shane's guilt over the situation.

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