Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Apparently Doesn't Know Breaking Bad Too Well

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No one knows a show better than the folks who were in it right? Wrong. You'd actually be surprised how many celebrities aren't as knowledgeable about their film or TV work as their fans. Having said that, Bryan Cranston is one of those guys who seems definitely more up to snuff on his work than not. So, you can imagine his (and our) surprise when he revealed the following score to a Breaking Bad quiz:

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To be fair, this is not an ordinary Breaking Bad quiz. Personally, I just finished a rewatch of the series less than two months ago and I only got 9 of 20. That really makes me respect Bryan Cranston's 12/20 which is a solid "D-", which a brilliant mind like Walter White would find unacceptable. With questions ranging from a lottery number tied to the money's location, and how many died on the plane in Season 2, how can anyone get the supposed 15/20 that makes you a true Breaking Bad fan?

While this Buzzfeed quiz (which can be found in the tweet) may be a bit difficult, it does really succeed in showing you the intricate story that Breaking Bad was. There's so much imagery, attention to detail on small things, and leg work on these plot lines that you're bound to miss some things and not even be aware of it. It really makes you appreciate the amount of work Vince Gilligan puts into his shows both with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

For those of you who are now shaken by his quiz result, of course Bryan Cranston is a fan of Breaking Bad. Just a simple Google search will show how often Cranston praised the show/cast/story during and after the show's run. In his defense, only 11 of those 20 questions are ones he would've known as they directly pertained to Walt, so he technically got a perfect score plus some in my book. Now that Cranston has put his score out here, I'm curious to see if anyone else in the Breaking Bad family will take the quiz. Although after seeing his results, they might be a bit nervous.

Should you now have an itch to watch Breaking Bad, the show is currently available on Netflix. If you've already watched that for the umpteenth time, take the quiz, and remember Better Call Saul is currently airing at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. If you weren't aware Better Call Saul returned, don't get caught off guard again and bookmark our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule now.

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