Check Out Bryan Cranston On The Set Of Better Call Saul Season 3

Warning: many, many spoilers ahead for what's to come in Better Call Saul Season 3.

Breaking Bad fans everywhere were heartbroken back in 2013 when the show finally concluded after five epic seasons on AMC. Prequel series Better Call Saul has reintroduced us to earlier versions of some of the most iconic Breaking Bad characters. Season 3 of Better Call Saul is on the way, and major spoilers are being kept pretty tightly under wraps, but AMC has released a pretty awesome look behind-the-scenes, and it features none other than Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston on set. Check him out in a very familiar location!

better call saul behind the scenes bryan cranston los pollos hermanos

The behind-the-scenes look at filming for Better Call Saul was careful to explain that Bryan Cranston is not going to actually appear in Season 3. Rather, Cranston was on a book tour that took him to Albuquerque, and he dropped by set to visit his pals and see what they were up to. As it happens, what they were up to was recreating the Los Pollos Hermanos set from Breaking Bad, all in honor of the grand introduction of Gustavo Fring.

We've known for a while that Fring was going to appear on Better Call Saul, and a big question was how the show would bring him in. Now, it seems that Saul is bringing him into the fold in the perfect way: by taking the characters back to Los Pollos Hermanos for some tasty chicken and criminal enterprising. The set designers are actually going to great lengths to recreate the look of the original Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos. It must have made for a pretty crazy blast from the past for Bryan Cranston while he was visiting. Check out the Los Pollos recreation for yourself in the behind-the-scenes video:

AMC clearly did not want anybody to start counting on a Bryan Cranston appearance in Season 3. Every single one of his jokes in the video about turning up for a cameo was followed with a completely unambiguous disclaimer that he will not be part of the action. I bet the folks at AMC could practically already see the comments they would get from angry fans if they were at all led to believe they'd see Walt in the not-too-distant future.

Bryan Cranston has said in the past that he'd be 100% on board for reprising the role of Walter White for Better Call Saul if creator Vince Gilligan ever called; evidently, Gilligan just hasn't made that particular call yet. Any other show might not be able to pull off introducing a fan favorite character in a prequel without messing up the original, but I'm pretty confident Better Call Saul could do it. Of course, given the current stories and timeline of Better Call Saul, it wouldn't really make sense for Walt to show up just yet. I'm game to wait a while for him if it means we get more than a throwaway cameo.

Better Call Saul returns to AMC for Season 3 on Monday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET. Don't forget to take a look at our summer TV premiere schedule for a look at all your other viewing options, and be sure to take a gander at our rundown of all the 2017 TV cancellations and renewals.

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