Watch One NFL Draftee Drop An F-Bomb On Live TV After Getting Picked

Emotions always run high during the NFL draft as the best and brightest college football players learn where they'll be continuing their careers. Not all players go to their top choice of teams, but there are always causes for celebration for the young men on their way to the NFL. At the 2017 draft, one player got so caught up in celebrating that he dropped an F-bomb on live TV. Check out Takkarist McKinley's NSFW reaction to be drafted by the Atlanta Falcons:

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All things considered, I'd say that Takkarist McKinley probably deserves a pass for dropping an F-bomb in the wake of his draft by Atlanta. He was so overwhelmed by the fact that he was keeping his promise to his deceased grandmother that he let that little four-letter word slip through. Besides, this is the NFL draft, not a Little League picnic. The video (courtesy of the NFL Retweet account on Twitter) shows that McKinley carried a framed photo of his grandmother with him during the draft, as it was his promise to her to get away from Oakland that motivated him to work as hard as he did. Something tells me that his grandmother probably would be okay with the F-bomb in light of his achievements.

I did get a laugh out of Takkarist McKinley immediately saying "Excuse my language!" and "Fine me later!" after he dropped the tabooed word. He clearly knows how things roll in the NFL, where players can be fined for everything from excessive violence to wearing gear of non-regulation colors during a game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is actually somewhat notorious for fining players for relatively trivial (and inconsistent) reasons, so the text of the tweet is pretty funny. We can only cross our fingers that it wasn't prophetic.

Hopefully Takkarist McKinley doesn't face any steep fines for his little slip. He was caught up in the emotion of honoring his grandmother and the promise he made her before she died, not mocking the NFL or insulting anybody. Only time will tell if he brings the same level of passion and enthusiasm to the Atlanta Falcons as he brought to his post-draft interview. I'm guessing the Falcons are going to be feeling a lot of pressure in the 2017-2018 season after the unfortunate events of the 2017 Super Bowl. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

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