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The Life Of Princess Diana Will Be Explored In A Major New Documentary

princess diana of wales

Princess Diana was one of the most prominent figures in the late 20th century, both for how she lived her life and the manner of her death. Now, her story is slated to be told on the small screen in a brand new documentary. The project will air on HBO and provide a closer look at her life and death than audiences have ever seen before.

The documentary will be produced across the pond for ITV. HBO has secured the U.S. rights and should be the perfect place for American audiences to see Princess Diana's story on the small screen. HBO Documentary Films has released some stellar productions over the years, covering everything from Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to Slenderman. The project will revolve around interviews from her sons, the Duke of Cambridge (and future King of England) William and Prince Harry.

William and Harry will reportedly share their views on their mother's contributions to the world, especially the humanitarian and charitable work that brought international attention to problems like homelessness, child bereavement, and HIV and AIDS. Diana led an impactful life as Princess of Wales, during and after her marriage to Prince Charles, who remains first in line for the throne of England. Her divorce from Charles made major headlines, but she remained a member of the Royal Family due to the fact that she was mother of then-Prince William and Prince Harry. William and Harry's memories of their mother should shed more light on her life than we've ever gotten to see in the past.

The documentary will also feature interviews from many of the most important people in Princess Diana's life, some of whom have not spoken openly about her death. ITV and HBO will air the project later this year, which happens to mark 20 years since she passed away back in 1997. This is the perfect time to honor her contributions to the world during her time in the spotlight. Never-before-seen archival material will be used as well to paint a full picture of her life. Neither ITV nor HBO has yet announced an exact date for the documentary's premiere.

For those of us who never fully appreciated her contributions to the international community or even those who best remember Diana for the conspiracy theories surrounding her passing in 1997, this new documentary could be an eye-opening experience that honors who she was through the eyes of her children. I know I'm looking forward to it.

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