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Orange Is The New Black's Crazy Season 5 Trailer Is All About The Inmates Rising Up

The prisoners of Litchfield are running things in our latest look at Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black. Season 4's crazy cliffhanger looks to have some surprising results, as the first full-shebang trailer features the ensemble of inmates seemingly in control of the prison. Take a look and continue reading below:

In a trailer that featured Suzanne leading a seance, Big Boo wearing a super nice suit, and Warden Caputo getting a big mouthful from the inmates, I'm more curious about what we aren't seeing. First off, this trailer for Orange Is The New Black featured little-to-no footage of Piper Chapman. That's not necessarily shocking, considering the series has slowly moved further into the lives of various characters in the prison, but only around 13 seconds of that trailer showed Piper, which makes me think we could see far less of her in Season 5 than usual.

You'll also notice that a bulk of CO's are missing, and out of the three we do see, only one appears to be having a good time. It looks like Poussey's unfortunate end sparked some real change throughout the prison, especially with Alison, Janae, and Taystee, all of whom appear to be creating a new world order following this whole takeover.

Both of the above points make sense, as the takeover of Litchfield didn't really involve Piper, and you can't really have inmates running amok with the brutal guards of Season 4 running around. It does ask the question about where exactly all these employees went, and whether or not they're even out of the prison. Judging from the media attention and flashing cameras, it's my guess that the prisoners have the guards on lockdown. That doesn't seem like it would end well for any group of inmates, but Orange Is The New Black's Litchfield has always seemed a little laxer than some actual prisons. For those quick to cry foul that this would never happen in real life, keep in mind that Season 5 does take place over the course of only three days.

One thing we do know that happens in Season 5 is that the trigger on that gun Maya is holding does get pulled. (Unless we were all being bamboozled by previous footage.) As to what that means for the psychopath CO Thomas Humphrey, I hope that bullet didn't find anyone but him. That Season 4 fight between Suzanne and Maureen was one of the hardest moments for me to watch, and I was glad to see that quick shot in the trailer of ol' Crazy Eyes seemingly helping Maureen walk. Will Season 5 see the two officially reconcile?

That remains to be seen, as Orange Is The New Black is slated to return June 9th on Netflix. Of course, that's the official release date, but Netflix has had some trouble this season with actual criminals hijacking the show. Check out that story if you missed it, and make sure the remainder of your month isn't boring by heading to our summer premiere guide. If you're already watching a lot of shows and are unsure of when they're ending, we've got you covered on that front as well.

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