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Why The Big Bang Theory Finale Went With That Shocking Ending, According To The Showrunner

The Big Bang Theory Season Finale

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Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for The Big Bang Theory's Season 10 finale. Read ahead at your own risk!

Sheldon Cooper's arc has been a fascinating narrative element of CBS' The Big Bang Theory. Originally little more than a socially stunted whiz kid, the fictional genius evolved considerably throughout his relationship with Amy over the last few years. That arc culminated in a silent travel montage and an ambiguous marriage proposal during last night's Season 10 finale, and fans have been left until fall wondering how the romantic gesture will pan out, especially after that kiss from Ramona. Big Bang showrunner Steve Molaro explained the finale's big shocker was keeping with the spirit of Sheldon analytically impulsive mind.

He himself is surprised at [Ramona's] impact on him. I really enjoyed watching him take that journey. From moment Ramona kisses him, I like that Sheldon really takes a moment to process what just happened. He's thinking, 'OK, my friends were right; Penny was right; what am I doing? How am I feeling about Amy? ... Excuse me a moment.' In his analytical mind he said, 'You should go propose.' That answer made sense to him and he did it. I like how it played out and really enjoyed the montage.

Steve Molaro's comments to THR about Big Bang Theory's Season 10 finale hammer home exactly how much this proposal is rooted in how perceives his relationship with Amy. He's inherently a logic-based individual, so the personal revelations sparked by his time with Ramona during last night's episode ignited an extended moment of self-reflection. By the end, the folks behind the series were able to spin Sheldon and Ramona's salacious smooch into the logical conclusion that the troubled character's reaction would be a silent, methodical, and quintessentially Sheldon proposal. After two seasons of holding onto that ring, Sheldon and the audience were ready.

shelon proposing to amy on big bang theory

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Ten seasons ago, it would've seemed impossible for Sheldon to find himself in such an odd position between two women. However, Ramona Nowitzki's decision to kiss the oddball scientist served as the catalyst that convinced him to take the next step with Amy. (Assuming she's even willing to take that step.) Steve Molaro explained:

The week before the finale, Amy told him that she's going to Princeton for at least three months and that helped him start to think about where he is in this relationship. That was already on his mind and then once we introduced another woman sniffing around, that helped crystalize things even further.

The Big Bang Theory deserves quite a bit of credit for having the gumption to make such a drastic personality change to its most important character. Sitcoms are predicated heavily on the preservation of the status quo, and attempting to bring Sheldon and Amy together in matrimony doesn't just change their dynamic -- it changes the dynamic of the entire series. We have no idea how Amy will respond to this romantic gesture when Season 11 finally premieres -- the cliffhanger left things so they could go either way -- but I think it's safe to say that The Big Bang Theory hasn't run out of ways to keep its fans on their toes.

Alas, we won't get to see any more of The Big Bang Theory until this fall, but for now, you can keep yourself up to date on this year's renewals and cancellations (on network TV as well as cable and streaming) and make sure to check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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