The Big Bang Theory Finale Just Did The Craziest Thing With Sheldon And Amy

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Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Big Bang Theory's Season 10 finale.

Up to snuff Big Bang Theory fans knew that some problems would occur in tonight's finale, titled "The Long Distance Dissonance," since Amy found a great opportunity at Princeton, leaving Sheldon alone to reconnect with old would-be flames. In particular, Riki Lindhome returned to Big Bang as Dr. Ramona Nowitski, a former colleague of Sheldon's who was infatuated with his intelligence. And somewhat surprisingly, Ramona DID attempt to disrupt all things Shamy, but it totally backfired on her, as the episode ended on an even bigger surprise: a wedding proposal.

Time to unpack this, because it isn't just a happy-go-lucky case of two meant-to-be lovebirds taking their first big step down a matrimonial path. No, Amy did not even say yes before the credits came up, and while she also didn't give a negative response, one can't help but suspect that showrunner Steve Molaro was trying to tell us all something with silence as the last beat. That whole final chunk of the episode was a whirlwind of uncomfortable silliness, and I'm pretty sure we were led to believe that Amy's issues with Romana's arrival might be a roadblock for any engagements.

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At the very beginning of the episode, Sheldon and Amy were on good terms, and they were happily communicating with regularity. Then Ramona arrived, and suddenly Sheldon started doing things that made Leonard and the others highly suspicious, like allowing parts of himself to be touched without immediately reaching for the Purell. (It can happen, people!) The two reconnected really well in a friendly way, and it almost seemed like everyone was overreacting, especially since Amy was getting updates from everyone on all sides, and she might not have been a green monster, but you could tell she was bothered.. And nothing spells sitcom like "romantic misunderstanding that inspires misguided jealousy." Only there weren't any misunderstandings.

Whenever Sheldon bluntly asked Ramona if she was attempting something romantic with him, she kissed him full on the lips for a few seconds. (while he stared wide-eyed into the abyss). What followed was the funniest part of the finale, with Sheldon asking Ramona to hold on for a moment, only to leave the building, hail a cab, travel to the airport, fly to New Jersey, and seek out Amy's temp housing. And Amy thought she was shocked just to hear his voice on the other end of the door, but when she opened it and saw him down on one knee, holding out that oh-so-important engagement ring, it must have looked like an event horizon.

But Sheldon didn't confess what happened that sent him on a direct path to her new doorway, and there is no way that The Big Bang Theory gets this couple anywhere near an aisle without that lip-locker of a scandal coming out. Even if Sheldon wouldn't tell Amy himself, Ramona doesn't seem like she's too far above telling everyone herself. Things are going to get weird in Season 11.

No more Big Bang Theory on CBS until the fall, but here's hoping there are some answers about potential marriages in the near future. While we wait, check out our rundown of all the shows that have been cancelled and renewed on both network TV and cable/streaming.

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