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katy perry

Katy Perry is one of the biggest names in the music biz nowadays, and so it was a big deal when ABC landed her as the first judge for its upcoming American Idol revival. When she signed on, it was rumored that ABC had to shell out a lot of money to convince her to join. Now, we have an idea of how much she'll make for judging American Idol, and it's a staggering number: $25 million.

No, there's not a missing decimal point in that number. Katy Perry will take home $25 million as a judge on the revival, according to TMZ. Sources indicate that ABC was anxious to get at least one big name attached before the official announcement, and Perry had all the power in the dynamic. ABC was the party pressed for time, not Perry; presumably, the timing played a part in the massive amount of money she'll be paid for her judging services on the remake.

It's not hard to believe that ABC was desperate for a big name judge before the huge announcement. Legendary American Idol judge Simon Cowell had already turned them down, and rumored attempts to sign first season Idol winner Kelly Clarkson came to nothing after she went to The Voice on NBC. The question now is how much the other judges will make.

Of course, Katy Perry is the only judge officially attached to the American Idol revival at this point, so it's difficult to gauge how much more or less her fellow judges might be paid. I doubt that ABC will land another name with as much star power as Perry, and there won't be so much pressure now that the announcement of the series has already happened, so my guess is that Perry will take home the biggest paycheck in the revival.

If ABC does manage to work out a deal with longtime American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, he could take home a significant paycheck as well. Seacrest was apparently making $15 million per season while Idol was at its peak; given how busy Seacrest will be with other projects and how much of a boon he could be to the series, he probably has pretty decent leverage for a raise as well. Then again, he's already attached to ABC, so he may not be likely to ruffle many feathers in negotiations. We'll have to wait and see.

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