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It's a bit depressing to think about, but Game of Thrones will be gone forever before we know it. The final two short seasons will wrap up the story of Westeros for good, hopefully giving its droves of fans plenty of payoffs and satisfying conclusions in the process. The cast and crew have been teasing a fast paced Season 7 full of character interactions, but the fandom has one major hope: get the last living Stark family members together. While Sansa and Jon's Season 6 scenes were extremely satisfying, we've got to get Arya and Bran back in Winterfell.

And Game of Thrones' recent shoot with EW teased just that, bringing all four Starks together and looking much better than we've seen them in the past 6 years. Check it out.

Look at these guys actually looking happy for a second. This is obviously just a promo pic, though. Arya would likely never let someone pick her up at this point, and it also looks like Bran is standing and walking just fine. Still, this type of image could be purposeful, because both Arya and Bran are the closest to their siblings than they've been for years.

At the end of Season 6 we saw Arya Stark finally return to Westeros from Braavos after training with the faceless ones. She's still got the powers she learned, and used them to murder Walder Frey and his sons at The Twins. If and when she finds out that Jon has retaken Winterfell, I can't imagine she'd travel anywhere else. Unless she goes straight to King's Landing in an attempt to assassinate Cersei Lannister on the Iron Throne.

As for Bran, we last saw him just outside The Wall, which is painfully close to safety. He knows that Jon was the Lord Commander, so all he and Meera need to do is enter Castle Black, and then hopefully hitch a ride down to Winterfell. Bran and Jon have both seen the Night's King and his army of the dead, so they'll likely be instrumental in the true War to Come. But first they'll have to pry the crown from Cersei's fingers.

Having four Starks safely in Westeros would be a fascinating moment for character development. The kids have all been through hell and back since they were together in Season 1, so it's unclear how their family unit could actually function. Will they be able to unite, or will there be some mistrust and fear? Littlefinger seems to be exploiting the doubt in Sansa's mind, so there are definitely layers to be explored.

Game of Thrones will return for Season 7 beginning on July 16th. In the meantime check out our summer premiere list so you don't miss a single frame of your favorite show.

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