How The Flash's Candice Patton Feels About That Big Finale

Spoiler warning for anyone who still hasn't yet watched The Flash's season finale.

When The Flash brought Season 3 to its Force-ful closing, the show used the entirety of Team Flash in bringing down the big bad Savitar. Perhaps most importantly, the superhero drama at last allowed its perma-damsel Iris West to get the upper hand on the situation when she put a bullet in Remnant-Barry. And here's what actress Candice Patton had to say about that big finale.

I remember Andrew Kreisberg coming to me and telling me how it would all kind of go down in the end, and I remember saying to him: 'That is so cool. Young girls and young boys everywhere are going to be thrilled with her being the one to kind of take that final shot at Savitar.' . . . It's empowering, it's empowering that Iris, whose kinda been this damsel [in distress] all season and kind of struggled with Savitar looming over her, she's the one that has the final say in his last breath.

Preach it, Candice Patton! For years now, fans like us have been clamoring for The Flash to spin a winning character arc out of the first half of the iconic West-Allen pairing. And yet each time it seemed like Iris might be allowed out of her ever-threatened cocoon, the show just put her right back in the crosshairs of another dangerous villain. Season 3 was the epitome of that pigeon-holed approach, with the bulk of everyone's actions going toward saving her from a future death at Savitar's metalloid hands. (When she could have just skipped town without telling anyone.)

Thankfully, when Candice Patton shows up in the finale's behind-the-scenes video seen below, she's immediately talking about how sweet it is that Iris was the character that got to kill Savitar. Without going on any tangents accusing Team Flash of botching this victory by not just shooting Savitar inside S.T.A.R. Labs earlier in the episode, we're just going to hope that Andrew Kreisberg and the rest of the creative team have learned from Iris' past seasons. And that by the time all the problems from next season comes around, she'll look a lot more like her Earth-2 counterpart than her Season 1 memory. The children need to be inspired, people!

There are a ton of characters from The Flash and Arrow that we never want to see again, but Iris the Badass definitely is not one of those. She's always welcome. You can check out the whole video below, which also features Tom Cavanagh getting goofy with Tom Felton.

The Flash has been renewed for Season 4 already, so we know that it'll only be another four or five months until we get to see the Scarlet Speedster possibly back in action on The CW. And if you're looking to catch up with everything that happened in Season 3, you won't have long to wait to stream it all on Netflix. In the meantime, you can check out our summer TV schedule to see what all the other new and returning shows coming to TV are.

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