More Breaking Bad Is Coming From Vince Gilligan, But Not How We Expected

walter white in the desert Breaking Bad

Before 2008, nobody would've expected Albuquerque, New Mexico to become one of the best locales for drama on television, but then Breaking Bad happened. Creator Vince Gilligan has done some amazing work in the Breaking Bad universe over the last three years with Better Call Saul, but that doesn't change the fact that we're still dying to dive back into the world of Walter White. It looks like our prayers are finally going to be answered, too, Gilligan is reportedly in the early days of a VR experience inspired by Breaking Bad's events. Not exactly traditional, and it's not exactly a game, either.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is currently in the process of developing a virtual reality project based on his iconic series, and he's working with Sony to potentially make this a part of its PlayStation VR system. As of right now, there are no indications as to whether or not this all-new Breaking Bad experience will utilize an episodic storytelling format, or if only one standalone story will be told. That said, the mere prospect of returning to this universe to witness the exploits of Walter White in first-person is nothing if not intriguing.

Although the phrase "virtual reality" typically conjures imagery of high-tech gaming, that's not really what fans can expect here. The Breaking Bad VR experience is more of an enhanced, immersive form of storytelling than a genuinely interactive gaming experience. In fact, it arguably has more in common with a roller coaster than a video game; you strap yourself in and go for a wild and possibly meth-infused ride. Variety's report doesn't explicitly stated what set piece or season the VR experience will take inspiration from, but there are obviously plenty of intense moments from the show that we would love to revisit from a new perspective.

Creating tie-in VR content has become a fairly standard practice in the realm of film and TV marketing, as movies like Don't Breathe and Alien: Covenant have similarly created full 360-degree virtual rides for audiences. And this isn't the first instance in which a television show has incorporated virtual reality to flesh out its universe. Some of the best modern TV comedies like Rick and Morty, Archer, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia have similarly let audiences digitally explore their respective worlds through original tie-ins. A key difference here seems to be that this is one of the first instances of a TV drama using the technology to craft an immersive experience for fans.

Sony Interactive Entertainment actually brought in a handful of TV showrunners, such as The Blacklist's David Shore and Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore, to discuss and play around with the company's VR programs, and apparently Vince Gilligan jumped at the chance to take it further. This development could be an enormous boom for the storytelling format, as well. As VR is still very much in the nascent stages of its existence, partnering with a pop culture property as beloved as Breaking Bad could mark a significant shift towards bringing virtual reality into a mainstream audience that isn't necessarily interested in gaming. We will just have to wait and see what Vince Gilligan cooks up.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to this Breaking Bad VR experience as more details become available to us. For more traditional TV content in the Breaking Bad universe, Better Call Saul airs every Monday night at 10 p.m. EST on AMC. Beyond that, check out our summer TV premiere guide for a better look at all of the most highly anticipated small screen premieres of the next few months.

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