Why Stranger Things Season 2's Monster Is Bigger Than We Thought

Stranger Things' new monster

There's nothing quite like a summer TV show. With far less competition for viewership, shows released during the summer months can quickly become pop culture events. Case in point, last summer's breakout hit: Netflix's sci-fi period piece Stranger Things. And while we'll have to wait until Halloween for Season 2 to arrive, the cast and crew have slowly been revealing new details about the series' sophomore season. In Stranger Things' Super Bowl commercial, we saw a giant creature roaming around Hawkins, Indiana, and now it appears that the new monster will have a much more important role than we thought. It's going to be a multiple series spanning villain.

Ahead of Season 2's release, the cast and crew of Stranger Things spoke with E! about what to expect from the season. It's here that the Duffer Brothers spilled the beans regarding how important the new monster will be. They said:

I don't know if I want to give away more but I will say that the threat that is introduced this season is something that will carry over for more than just this season. So it will become sort of our main villain, shall we say, for the show.

Talk about a mic drop. For a series that is keeping its details securely under wraps, the Duffer Brothers just revealed a major aspect of the show's overall narrative. That big monster is here to stay, and it looks like our favorite characters may be SOL without Eleven.

The revelation that the new giant monster will be a series villain is a big one, and may be a major hint as to how the tone of Stranger Things will change over the next few seasons. Season 1 was full of mystery: where did Will go? What took Barb? Why does Eleven have powers? All of the questions were slowly unraveled throughout the course of the first season, with the main characters later having to keep the secrets of their knowledge. But if a giant monster is roaming around Hawkins, then it looks like the Demogorgon may be out of the bag in Season 2.

I have to wonder how much the town itself become a character in later seasons. With various monsters roaming around and taking innocents like poor Barb, the other residents of Hawkins are bound to realize that some strange(r) things are happening. I was looking forward to seeing how the protagonists attempted to keep their Season 1 journeys under wraps, although now it appears that this might not be an issue for long.

Stranger Things will release its second season in its entirety October 31st on Netflix. In the meantime, be sure to check our summer premiere list, and don't miss your favorite summer show returning to the small screen!

Corey Chichizola
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