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You don't really have to be a big fan of HBO's Game of Thrones to know that the show kills a lot of people, but, if you need convincing, there's a video that will show you just how bloody the show actually is. Take a look below, as this compilation offers up an estimated 150,966 horrible, terrible, gruesome deaths in just 21 minutes of screen time. Brace yourselves...

Wait, you're done watching already? Well, at least I had enough time to grab a strong beverage, because, oh boy, that was rough going, wasn't it? Game of Thrones has never been one to shirk its duties when it comes to showing the brutality of war, or, you know, the brutality of regular old life, especially when you've got lots of people vying for power and the ultimate prize in Westeros: the Iron Throne. But, jeez, I'm a fan of the show, and even I got about four minutes in and had to take a breather. There's a lot of damn dying up in that video. And, since this is Game of Thrones, it's pretty much all murder in one form or another. To live in this fictional world and die of a truly accidental fall down the stairs is to have a blessed existence, I suppose.

This bloody video, from Leon Andrew Razon Compilations, goes pretty much in chronological order, following the deaths on Game of Thrones from Season 1 through Season 6. And while it somehow misses the glorious death-by-faux-gold-crown that Drogo visited upon Dany's big brother Viserys, we do see dead Drogo, as well as a few dead animals and the death of one very nasty poisonous manticore that nearly took out Danerys. There are plenty of people who have died whose names have probably been long forgotten by even die hard fans of the show. Septa Mordane, Lord Vardis Egen or Lommy Greenhands, anyone?

Considering, though, that this is a show where battlefields and wars are the norm, the (expected) majority of these gory deaths belong to many a poor, nameless soldier/guard/person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hey, remember the 1,000 or so sailors who got engulfed by wildfire during the Battle of Blackwater and burned alive? What about the 100,000 Free Folk who died at Hardhome? Ah, well...Goodbye Tortured Prisoner, we hardly knew ye.

Of course, for every nameless soldier or character we barely got to know who has bitten the dust over the seasons, there will always be those deaths that take it out of us a little. No one really wanted Ned Stark to die, for instance. Poor little Shireen Baratheon's death makes me tear up every time I think about it. And, for heaven's sake, do not talk about Hodor.

Phew, well, it won't be long before we'll be treated to a whole new set of icky, frequently deserved and sometimes sad deaths, as Game of Thrones will hit HBO for Season 7 on July 16. Get your tissues ready.

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