A lot of people want to think Cersei Lannister is the massive underdog going into Game Of Thrones' great war in Season 7, but is she really? If there's one thing this series has taught me, it's that the Lannisters (in addition to being great debt settlers) are a crafty family. If you need a lot more proof than that, here are the reasons why Cersei will be the no-shame victor of Game Of Thrones' impending war.

There Is Nothing Left For Her To Lose

It's a well-deserved distinction, considering this whole situation was her doing, but Cersei has lost more than any other character in Game Of Thrones so far. It must be a vacuum of tragedy to lose your parents and all of your children, but at least it also removes any uncomfortable scenarios where she might have had to negotiate the return of a family member. She does still have Jaime, whose potential capture might push her to desperate measures; but provided he stays close to her side, there's not really much Jon or Dany can do to Cersei that will bring her to the metaphorical table for negotiations. While Dany has a similarly unique position, Jon still has some family to lose, and with Bran and Arya wandering the land, he might be very vulnerable.

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