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How Game Of Thrones' Jaime Absolutely Has To Die, According To Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Jaime in his golden armor in Season 6

As the summer months slowly inch toward us, the time has come for avid TV fans to welcome the return of their favorite summer shows. And the most popular of these in HBO's megahit Game of Thrones, which is airing its penultimate season beginning in July. And with just two short(er) season left of the fantasy series, fans and actors alike are looking forward to seeing how the story of Westeros plays out, and how the series as a whole will end. One of these is none of that than Jaime Lannister himself, as actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who has a plan for how his character should die.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau recently spoke to the Observer about the upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones. During this interview, he revealed how Jaime should die, and it sounds pretty epic.

It has to be a dragon death. It's got to be the dragons that get him. Just fried. He has to burn. Has to.

Well, this would certainly be a bold choice. There would be something satisfying about seeing Jaime burned to a crisp, some may argue that he may be on the road to redemption. Let's break down both options.

To start, it would be great to see Dany's enemies meet the fiery end of her dragons in the last two seasons. We've followed her journey from weak and subservient child bride to badass conquerer who has the backing of three great Westeros houses, three fully grown dragons, and the Dothraki. So anytime we can see her dragons do some damage, especially to the more reprehensible characters, fans are going to be cheering from the comfort of their homes.

And while Jaime Lannister started off as a disgusting and evil character (the guy pushed poor Bran from the tower in episode 1), I'm not sure he really deserves death by dragon at this point. Jaime's metamorphosis began during his journey back to King's Landing with Brienne of Tarth. While originally antagonistic, the unlikely duo became friends, with hints of romantic feelings just below the surface. Jaime saved Brienne's life, and also revealed that his slaying of the Mad King was actually for the good of the realm, as he had hidden caches of wildfire throughout King's Landing.

Since then, Jaime has continued growing into a better person, besides doing the horizontal mambo with Cersei near Joffrey's body. For instance, he gifted Brienne Oathkeeper, despite Tywin's plans. Jaime also attempted to end conflicts in both Dorne and Riverrun without the threat of violence, which is unlike the character we met in Season 1. He actually succeeded with Riverrun, as just the Blackfish and a few others were slain when Lannister forces conquered the Tully stronghold.

I personally hope that Jaime continues to redeem himself, preferably by finally standing up against Cersei. But then again, this new sense of morality may be too little, too late.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO on July 16, 2017. In the meantime, check our full summer premier list and plan your next binge watch.

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