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America's Got Talent Hopeful Dies Before Episode Could Air

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Competition reality series have become outlets for talented artists to share their abilities with viewers everywhere. Of course, not all the contestants who appear in reality TV are masters of their craft, but some are undeniably talented. Unfortunately, one young man who was poised to share his talents with the world has passed away before his episode could air. America's Got Talent hopeful Brandon Rogers died in a car crash weeks before he would have made his primetime debut.

Dr. Brandon Rogers died on June 11 at the age of 29. He was in a car crash in Maryland on June 10 and he was taken to a hospital, where he ultimately passed away. Rogers had filmed an episode of America's Got Talent, on which he showed off his impressive set of pipes. While the episode hasn't aired yet, we can be pretty confident that he was well-received by audiences. Rogers was actually discovered by the America's Got Talent team after he posted an Instagram video of a Boyz II Men cover. Check him out:

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Boyz II Men got wind of Brandon Rogers' amazing cover and actually brought him out to perform with them while on tour. He may not have been a professional singer, but he clearly was a talented performer, and he was having an impact on the world for reasons extending beyond his work as a medical professional.

NBC has not yet announced if the episode of America's Got Talent featuring Brandon Rogers will air as originally scheduled for next month. TMZ reports that Rogers' family would be happy if the episode does make it to the airwaves. I'm guessing that the episode will air at some point unless the judges were critical or mocking of Rogers in a way that would reflect poorly on them in the wake of his passing.

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of NBC)

The Instagram post itself is enough to prove that Brandon Rogers had an incredible singing voice, so the judges may not have had much to critique even if they were feeling more nitpicky than usual. As long as nobody at the show made him look bad or silly, the episode could be a wonderful way to honor him in the wake of his death. We'll have to wait and see at this point.

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