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Of all the predicted winners of the great war, Jon Snow seems to be a pretty popular choice with fans. The dead-and-back bastard from Winterfell has shown many flaws in six seasons, but for every setback he's faced, a flash of greatness has shone that can't be denied. Here's why we think Jon Snow wins Game Of Thrones great war.

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones

He's A Natural Born Leader

Thanks in no small part to the examples of Ned Stark and Jeor Mormont, Jon Snow has shown a great capacity for leadership. He successfully lead the Night's Watch against The Wildlings, united the two parties and, in a move few in Westeros saw coming, took charge of his adopted father's homestead and became King In The North in a relatively short time. Jon's strong leadership perhaps emanates from the fact that he's always been a man of two worlds. His noble background and training have taught him advanced fighting skills and the diplomacy to gain the respect of noblemen, while his "bastard" title has given him the perspective and empathy to understand outsiders. Jon Snow is essentially an everyman, and that scores him points with literally every man.

Jon Snow Winter

Winter Has Come, And Jon Snow Knows Winter

As Sansa tells Jon near the tail end of Season 6, a white raven has arrived from the Citadel, which marks the end of the decade-long Summer that Westeros has enjoyed. As the Stark motto says, "Winter is coming," and while its literal meaning is still true, it also metaphorically denotes constant vigilance and preparedness. The North of Westeros is accustomed to harsh winters, and as such, will be at an advantage should bad weather be an element on the battlefield. Jon and the North may not have as much time to prepare for war as the Stark lords of the past, but they'll certainly be more prepared than their enemies in the Southern kingdoms.

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Baby Jon Snow Game Of Thrones

He's A Good Person

Jon Snow is inherently a good person, and he's the first to lend his hand to a struggling party, rather than turn a blind eye. Jon's willingness to help lesser individuals frequently plays to his advantage, as the kindness he's shown to people like Samwell Tarley has yielded him great knowledge and valuable information that will continue to serve him into and through Season 7. Being good doesn't always win you wars, of course, especially in modern television. But being an honorable person with pure intentions will win you more allies than not, and because alliances are key going into the great war, Jon is looking more and more like Mr. Popular when compared to some of his lonelier opponents in Westeros.

Jon Snow HBO Game Of Thrones

He's Not Afraid To Make Hard Decisions

While Jon Snow may have a softer side than Cersei and Dany, Game Of Thrones' beloved bastard isn't afraid to make tough calls when necessary. Allowing the wildlings to pass beyond the wall, thus breaking an 8,000-year precedent in the Night's Watch, was a difficult decision to come to, but it was the better option when compared to losing the wildlings to the white walkers and then having to fight them anyway. Jon's big gamble ultimately played to everyone's favor, and he reached the position he is now. Decision-making like that will surely serve Snow well as he heads into the great war.

The Night King Game Of Thrones HBO

Defeating The White Walkers Is In His Playbook

Make no mistake, those deadly white walkers are going to invade Westeros at some point in the near future, and not many outside of Jon's camp currently know of their existence beyond the myths, let alone how to defeat them. That information could absolutely play to Jon's favor should the Night King find his way into the Great War. Best case scenario: a wight invasion wipes out the clueless Dothraki, Unsullied, and Southern Bannermen, while the Northerners limit casualties to a minimum using dragonglass daggers. It's also possible Jon could share his knowledge on defeating the wights with one of his present enemies, in an attempt to win favor and/or enlist all the help possible in the upcoming White Walker battle. Either way, knowing something is a huge plus for he who used to know nothing, going into Season 7.

Sansa Game Of Thrones HBO

Many Others Are Watching Jon's Back

Out of all the major players in Game Of Thrones, Jon is perhaps the most well-connected to people that can convincingly lead him to victory. Close to home, he has Sansa, whose influence with Littlefinger has played to his advantage in uniting the Northern houses. He also has the Stark siblings Bran, who knows of Jon's true lineage and potential claim to the throne, and the Needle-friendly Arya, who could very well knock Cersei out of play; Arya's list of people to kill grows shorter by the day, after all. Let's also remember Jon was pretty buddy-buddy with Tyrion prior to the alliance with Dany. Hopefully, the outcasted Lannister will vouch for Snow should Dany cross paths with Winterfell's finest.

Game Of Thrones Throne HBO

The North And Wildlings Are On His Side

While they scattered following the defeat of Robb Stark, the bannermen of the North are afoot once again, united under Winterfell, with Jon Snow as the King. In addition to winning back the houses of the North, Jon also has thousands of wildlings to add to his army when the time comes. Dany might have the largest army by headcount, but a vast majority of her soldiers will be in unfamiliar territory and fighting in conditions they're not accustomed to. Cersei's army has yet to be seen following her drastic measure, but with the enemies she's gained following her wildfire plot, she'll likely need to put out more than a couple fires (pun intended) before committing to the great war.

Will Jon Snow take the throne, or perhaps kneel to the victor and keep domain over the North like his ancestor Torrhen Stark? We'll be closer to our answer as Game Of Thrones Season 7 is set to premiere July 16th at 9 p.m. ET. Keep track of its date and others via our summer premiere guide.

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