Of all the predicted winners of the great war, Jon Snow seems to be a pretty popular choice with fans. The dead-and-back bastard from Winterfell has shown many flaws in six seasons, but for every setback he's faced, a flash of greatness has shone that can't be denied. Here's why we think Jon Snow wins Game Of Thrones great war.

He's A Natural Born Leader

Thanks in no small part to the examples of Ned Stark and Jeor Mormont, Jon Snow has shown a great capacity for leadership. He successfully lead the Night's Watch against The Wildlings, united the two parties and, in a move few in Westeros saw coming, took charge of his adopted father's homestead and became King In The North in a relatively short time. Jon's strong leadership perhaps emanates from the fact that he's always been a man of two worlds. His noble background and training have taught him advanced fighting skills and the diplomacy to gain the respect of noblemen, while his "bastard" title has given him the perspective and empathy to understand outsiders. Jon Snow is essentially an everyman, and that scores him points with literally every man.

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