How Orange Is The New Black Is Like Game Of Thrones, According To One Star

Nicky Nichols made over in Season 5

While the summer months may be a frustrating time for hardcore TV fans, they do come with a silver lining. Because while most series are on hiatus, summer shows are able to premiere to massive numbers and fan excitement. Case in point: Netflix's Orange is the New Black and HBO's Game of Thrones. Both are massively popular shows that come annually during the summer, but that's not all they have in common. According to Orange actress Natasha Lyonne, both show's penchant for suddenly killing off major characters is the biggest similarity, as is the casts' nerves for their character's fate.

Natasha Lyonne recently spoke to THR about Orange is the New Black's explosive fifth season. When asked if the cast is collectively nervous about being killed off, Lyonne responded with a clear cut:

I think we always feel like that. Across the board I think we're always sort of weirdly ready. I'm sure it's probably true of the Game of Thrones cast, where you secretly do some internal thing where you brace yourself that that could happen at any moment. It certainly could. And if the show is mirroring the truth of society in any way, the reality is that insane things do happen on a constant basis. And often, consequence free. Ultimately, it's true to the nature of the kind of storytelling that Jenji's doing to be truthful in her reflection of the world.

While the two shows may be vastly different in regards to tone, you can't deny the similarities. With the drama and stakes raised for both shows, it seems like just about any actor in in danger of being killed off.

On Orange is the New Black, the death of Poussey (Samira Wiley) was a game changer for the series. Previously only a few minor characters had died, but Poussey was a fan favorite and series regular. And things are only looking worse after Season 5's cliffhanger ending. This season ended with ten inmates united in Freida's bunker, as the SWAT team blows open the door and the screen fades to orange. Presumably any of the ten may bite the dust in Season 6's premiere, making the year-long wait for a new season almost painful.

With the Game of Thrones side of things, there are always character deaths. But with just two short seasons left before the finale, we can expect more major characters to bite the dust in the coming final episodes. The most recent trailer for Season 7 teases even more battles than ever before, so seemingly anybody is in jeopardy. My personal prediction for the upcoming season's big death will be Queen Cersei Lannister herself. She's surrounded by enemies, and I can't imagine Jamie will be ok with her burning down half of King's Landing to kill her enemies in the Sept of Baelor.

Orange is the New Black is currently streaming on Netflix, and Game of Thrones will return for Season 7 on July 16, 2017.

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