TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno Was A Real Life Hero With A Fan At Comic-Con

The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno

The word "hero," is often thrown around when referring to the former star of The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, but it's rare that we hear it in a situation quite like this. Ferrigno was at the Fanboy Expo Comic Con in Knoxville Tennessee over the weekend when he became a real-life hero to a fan at his table. Here's what went down and why a father and son are thanking Ferrigno for his quick thinking.

Frank McAlister was watching his son Ted take a picture with Lou Ferrigno and the pair were in the midst of a meet and greet with the actor when Ferrigno noted something was off about Ted. Concerned, The Incredible Hulk actor leaned over to Frank and informed him that his son was shaking and attempting to say something but that he could not understand him. The two men then sprang into action and helped Ted to the floor after it became apparent that he was having a seizure, and kept Ted calm while they awaited the arrival of EMTs.

USA Today shared that Frank McAlister took to Facebook to praise Lou Ferrigno for keeping a cool head ,and helping him care for his son until the EMTs arrived on the scene. Ferrigno, who is a volunteer sheriff's deputy in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo County, maintains he wasn't doing anything special or different than what he was trained to do on the job. Ultimately Ferrigno says he's thankful that the event occurred at his table and not somewhere else as the result could've been a lot worse.

Once Ted recovered, the two men returned to Ferrigno to get a picture with The Incredible Hulk actor, to which he obliged. Ferrigno even waived the fee of the picture, which considering the prices some of those autograph sessions run, should elevate his hero status even further. The actor remains humble across all of his social media, saying that he's just glad everything turned out alright and that Ted is fine. Here's the two's picture along with father Frank McAlister's full Facebook post praising Lou Ferrigno:

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Outside of his sporadic cameos in Marvel films, Lou Ferrigno seems to surface every so often on television or other roles so keep an eye out for him. The actor may have a voice acting part to play in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok considering his character's appearance. As summer rolls on, more and more shows are popping up that people need to be aware of. Those looking to watch some great television should definitely visit our summer premiere guide and see what's coming this week!

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