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Rob Lowe Thought He Was Going To Get Killed On His New Show

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Rob Lowe is coming back to the small screen for a show unlike anything he's ever tackled before. A&E's The Lowe Files will see Lowe join forces with his two sons to investigate unsolved mysteries and myths all over the United States. The first trailer shows that things are going to get pretty weird in the reality series, and it turns out that filming got quite scary at times. When asked if he was ever genuinely frightened during the investigations for the show, Rob Lowe said this:

Genuinely terrified? I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.

The Lowe Files will take Rob, Matthew, and John Owen Lowe on journeys ranging from a purported underwater alien base to a former reformatory that is said to be haunted by vengeful spirits that have been denied their rest so far. They'll use everything from the latest in detection technology to the help of a shaman in their attempts to get to the bottom of mysteries. While the early footage indicates that we're in for a fun -- if rather bizarre -- ride with The Lowe Files, filming was apparently not always fun. Lying on the ground and anticipating death doesn't exactly sound like a party.

Filming for The Lowe Files evidently changed the way Rob Lowe looks at the paranormal. In fact, he had this to say to EW about whether he had become a believer:

Based on my experiences on the show, particularly around ghosts -- absolutely. We captured some incredible [footage]. Our first episode is about poltergeists in one of the most notoriously haunted structures in America. Nothing is staged, nothing is trick-cut -- no B.S. I believe there are probably ghosts out there. The rest of [what we found I accepted on a] case-by-case basis, but we had an incredible encounter with what locals call the wood ape, which is in the Ozark Mountains. I'm fully aware that I sound like a crazy, Hollywood kook right now.

Well, whether The Lowe Files is a success in the ratings remains to be seen, but it did succeed to making Rob Lowe believe in the likes of ghosts and wood apes! The wood ape seems to be what gave Lowe the big scare, and he went on to explain that "wood ape" is the local term in the Ozarks for a Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The whole situation sounds a lot like something Agent Mulder would drag Agent Scully into on an episode of The X-Files, and that's not a bad thing. My fingers are crossed that it will just be weird enough to help me forget about the oddity that was Rob Lowe's WTF KFC commercial.

You can catch the very first episode of The Lowe Files on Wednesday, August 2 at 10 p.m. ET on A&E. Check out our summer TV guide and our 2017 Netflix schedule for what you can watch in the meantime.

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