Major spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet experienced Doctor Who's Season 10 finale.

It may have only been less than four years, with 39 episodes to show for it, but the Doctor Who partnership between Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat has been a roller coaster ride of excitement. While there have been some dips, some real high points were also plentiful, and "The Doctor Falls" was probably the apex of the pair's time together (at least, until Christmas). So much happened in the Season 10 finale that we just have to talk about all of it.

Twelve's Regeneration Plotline Is An Interesting Spin

We've seen The Doctor angry about having to regenerate before, but never as fiercely as Peter Capaldi's Tweflth Doctor. Considering this is a man that's manipulated his regenerations time and again to give his current iterations more time, the fact that he's flatly refusing to change before Christmas indicates something truly introspective in on the way. Also, it's kind of fitting that Steven Moffat would use the First Doctor to help tie up his run as showrunner, as well as complement the departure of The Tweflth Doctor.

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