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Arrow star Stephen Amell is either messing around or he may have just dropped a hint that a major Team Arrow member will be dead in Season 6. In a twisted game of "Two Truths and a Lie," where the rules are self-explanatory, Amell fed Arrow fans at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest the following line:

Oliver and Slade have a scene in the present day. Diggle fires and misses someone, as in he deploys his gun and it doesn't work. Thea is in a present day scene where we speak to one another.

It was during this very Fan Fest panel (via Comicbook) that Stephen Amell went on to confirm Slade Wilson will return in the present day of Arrow Season 6, so that means the big lie is between Diggle missing a shot and Thea being around in the present day (and speaking to Oliver, which feels like a suspicious tag-on). A Diggle misfire seems like a pretty common thing that would happen, so did Oliver, er, Amell just confirm that Thea Queen died on Lian Yu? If he did, that sounds like a pretty big spoiler, although still a somewhat confusing one.

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Arrow fans may remember we last saw Thea Queen escaping as her biological father Malcolm Merlyn took her place on a landmine she had triggered. Without viewers knowing if the team made it to the plane Merlyn was leading them to, it's possible Thea could be dead. That'd be a pretty sad sacrifice if everything Merlyn did was for nothing!

That's also a theory that could potentially kill Felicity, considering they were in close proximity at the time ,but that seems even more unlikely. Arrow will probably kill off a couple character's fans love with that explosion, but it's doubtful all involved would go right for the jugular by offing one of the show's biggest stars.

Perhaps Thea isn't in any present day scenes with Oliver because she goes away for a while to mourn the loss of Malcolm Merlyn. Considering the two's relationship, it doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. It's also worth noting that Willa Holland had a decreased presence on Arrow in Season 5 due to other commitments, so it's perfectly logical to believe nothing has changed, with the actress retaining a similar deal this year.

Malcolm Merlyn's death would be the perfect way to write off Thea for any amount of time without actually killing her, which would hopefully keep fans from pestering the writers with questions about where she's at when she's not under contract for a bulk of the episodes. So while it's still on the table that Stephen Amell could've spoiled the death of Thea Queen, it's also just as likely the writers found a way to keep her in the shadows until the narrative calls for her to return, leaving Willa Holland to do anything else she desires.

Or, of course, maybe Diggle is some kind of an amazing perfect shot in Season 6. Considering Season 6 is only a few episodes into filming, that could very well be the case.

So is Thea dead or alive? That burning question will likely be answered in the Season 6 premiere of Arrow, which premieres on The CW on Thursday, October 12th, at 9 p.m. ET. This season, by all accounts, should see Oliver Queen a changed man, and those looking for more info on that should click here. For more information regarding all the great shows of the summer, visit our summer premiere guide.

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