12 Things You Really Shouldn't Overthink About Arrow

We can't overestimate the importance of The CW's Arrow helping to usher in a golden age of superhero television, but that doesn't mean the show is without its share of bizarre issues. Certain aspects of Arrow defy reason, and they're the sort of things that fans really shouldn't overthink if they want to gleefully enjoy The Emerald Archer's solo series. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the funniest, weirdest, and all-around best examples of Arrow elements we should all just accept without contemplating things too strenuously.

Team Arrow Lian Yu

The Fact That Team Arrow Never Seems To Sleep

We can accept the fact that Oliver Queen spends his nights beating the hell out of criminals, but the guy still needs to rest. In fact, everyone does. Arrow has tried to convince us that Team Arrow can live full lives during both the daytime and the nighttime, but we're not buying it. If a real life Oliver Queen tried to live like the Green Arrow, he would die of exhaustion within a month.

Season 4 Arrowcave Arrow

How Oliver Actually Keeps Team Arrow Funded

In the beginning, this made sense. Oliver Queen was a billionaire with an entire company backing him, and as such, he had the ability to fund a war on crime. However, Oliver isn't a billionaire anymore, and Arrow has never actually explained where he gets the resources to take on Damien Darhk or Prometheus. Where the hell does the funding come from, and how does Oliver use it to keep Team Arrow so well-equipped?

Barry Allen Oliver Queen

That The Flash Can Solve All Of Oliver's Problems

Not to undersell Oliver Queen's contributions to Star City, but there are more efficient heroes living in the Arrow-verse. Take Barry Allen, for instance. The Flash makes battling street level criminals look like utter child's play in Central City, and it boggles the mind to wonder why Oliver doesn't keep him on retainer to do the same for Green Arrow's home turf. Don't be too proud, Oliver. Let Barry handle this, assuming he doesn't screw things up worse.

Arrow Oliver Queen Mask

Anyone Who Wears A Mask Has To Apply Eye Make-Up

Whenever someone takes off a mask on Arrow, they have a clean face, but that doesn't change the fact that they clearly have to apply dark makeup around their eyes before putting the mask on. This is an issue that just about every live-action, mask-wearing hero (aside from Kick-Ass' Big Daddy) has had to face, and we would love it if Arrow would just admit that Oliver is pulling out a makeup case every time he hits the streets.

Jim Lee Batman Hush

That Batman Totally Exists In This Universe (Even If They Don't Say It)

As much as the folks behind the scenes at The CW probably don't want to overtly admit it, Batman definitely exists in the Arrow-verse. From the references to Wayne Tech to Oliver's acknowledgment that Oracle already exists (thus preventing Felicity from taking the name), Arrow has consistently beat around the Bruce Wayne bush over the years. He's totally out there, meaning every time Arrow uses an obvious Batman storyline, it feels endlessly weird.

Arrow Season 1 Arrow Season 4 Green Arrow

Star City Believes The Arrow And Green Arrow Are Different Men

At the end of Season 3, the series retired "The Arrow" to make way for Oliver to become "Green Arrow" in Season 4. That's a perfect idea in theory, but the fact that nobody in Star City realizes they're the same guy is utterly absurd. You're telling me that ANOTHER green-clad archer showed up in Star City as soon as the other one left? Sure, let's go with that.

Arrow suits speedy black canary

How Much Thread Oliver Goes Through Sewing Up His Uniform After Fights

One of the biggest things that separates Oliver from the rest of the Arrow-verse heroes is the many injuries his non-superpowered body sustains in the line of duty. With so many holes pumped into his suit on a regular basis, patching up his iconic costume must be a full-time job. Where does he find the time to sew the holes up? Where does he get that much thread? It's best not to consider it.

Arrow salmon ladder scene

How The Writers Don't Add A Salmon Ladder Scene In Every Episode

In Season 1, nearly every episode of Arrow featured a sequence involving Oliver training in some way -- more often than not on his now iconic salmon ladder. However, the trend has dipped in recent years, and it's hard to figure out why. Putting Stephen Amell's natural athleticism on full display was a great way to convey Oliver's training, and we think it would be AB-solutely fabulous if every episode used more of the salmon ladder.

Curtis Holt Mr. Terrific Arrow

How Mr. Terrific Fixes His Hair When Going Into The Field

When it comes to Team Arrow, there's no question that Curtis does the most to change his appearance, and every time he goes into the field as Mr. Terrific, he has to go from a full-blown afro to cornrows, and we can only assume his hair transition takes far longer than any of his allies' prep. Do you think they stand around waiting, or does he catch up with them out in the field?

Oliver Queen Arrow mayor star city

How Oliver Ever Accomplishes Anything As Mayor

The life of a politician is a full-time job, particularly when you actually care about your constituents. With that in mind, the fact that Oliver Queen (a man known for disappearing at any and every given moment) could ever get anything done as the Mayor of Star City makes practically no sense. Between taking on murderous District Attorneys and genocidal maniacs, where the hell does Oliver find time for infrastructure or job creation or even a parade procession.

Oliver Queen Mayor Scandal

How Star City Isn't In Ruins With Oliver As Mayor

Aside from the fact that Oliver probably doesn't get much done as the Mayor of Star City, it's also worth mentioning that he's not exactly overly equipped for the job. Think about it; the guy spent most of his early 20s drinking and partying, followed by an entire decade of murder and ninja escapades. He has no preparation for life in any services that can be deemed civil, so Star City should start to worry.

Arrow Oliver Queen bow and arrow green arrow

How Oliver Apparently Never Accidentally Kills Anyone

Oliver Queen admittedly has a somewhat looser attitude towards killing civilians than someone like Bruce Wayne, but he has also gone through incredibly long stretches in which he has refused to take someone's life. It's a noble pursuit, but one that's somewhat undercut by the fact that he shoots tons of razor sharp arrows at his enemies when he's not throwing face-crushing punches, not to mention the other forms of violent pursuits. And nobody in Star City ever died by accident? We doubt it.

Arrow will return to The CW on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. EST. Check out our summer TV premiere guide for more updated information about the rest of this season's make small screen debuts!

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