Building a shared superhero universe upon the shoulders of one actor comes as no easy feat. For every Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man, we get a Ryan Reynolds-fronted Green Lantern that could effectively stop a universe dead in its tracks. Stephen Amell had the unenviable task of bringing relatively unknown superhero Oliver Queen to the small screen on The CW’s Arrow back in 2012, and he pretty much knocked it out of the park – or hit a bull’s eye, as that seems more appropriate.

In no time at all, Amell has gone from relative obscurity to a household name, with no sign of slowing down. Now that Arrow has returned to it's Wednesday night timeslot on The CW, here are a few things you should already know about the man behind The Emerald Archer.

He Got His First Acting Job In The Audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live
Stephen Amell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the first time earlier this year, in a way it felt like his career coming full circle. Despite becoming a full-blown celebrity in recent years, Amell struggled – as many actors do – throughout his early years in Hollywood. During his interview with Kimmel, Amell admitted that he once been in Kimmel's audience and was not the greatest audience member. Despite repeated warnings not to use his phone during the show, he found himself in a stare-down with a security guard. The career-oriented individual that he is, Amell ultimately opted to leave the show early – forgoing his chance to see Flo Rida perform – and accept the call for his first American job: the killer on an episode of CSI: Miami. We think he made the right call.

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