How Green Arrow Is Still Going To Be Like The Arrow

When Oliver Queen returns to Starling City this fall, he won’t be going back to his old crimefighting identity. After three years of fighting crime as The Hood/Arrow, The CW is finally giving fans the Green Arrow for Arrow Season 4, complete with a new costume. However, just because Oliver is now the Green Arrow doesn’t mean he won’t continue relying on a few tricks he used as The Arrow.

When asked by a fan on if Arrow’s Green Arrow will be busting out some of the karate moves his comic book counterpart, series star Stephen Amell stated that Oliver will keep relying on his classic moves.

So, despite the new duds and attitude, it sounds like Oliver’s methods in the field will mostly stay the same, revolving around shooting arrows from afar and punching bad guys in the face up close. Hey, whatever gets the job done. Still, even though he is retaining some aspects of The Arrow, the show’s cast and crew have made it clear that Oliver’s life as the Green Arrow will be different. In fact, executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted the title page of the Season 4, Episode 2 script that may hint at what Oliver will be up to when he’s not dealing with the bad guys.

“The Candidate” may not be a title that means anything to casual viewers, but comic book fans will recall that Oliver Queen was elected mayor of Star City during writer Judd Winnick’s Green Arrow run, and despite being a public official, he continued his crime fighting on the side. Although Oliver was outed to the public as The Arrow in the Season 3 episode “Public Enemy,” because Roy Harper subsequently took the fall for the vigilante’s activities, this put Oliver in the clear.

However, with a new archer hitting the streets wearing a similar costume to his predecessor, it won’t take long for people to put everything together and deduce that Oliver is Green Arrow. That said, maybe Oliver is at a point where he’s fine with people knowing what he does in his spare time. In addition, the season will involve engaging villains like Damien Dark and Anarky and also delving into magic. It’s also worth noting that “The Candidate” will feature the first appearance of Curtis Holt, a.k.a. Mr. Terrific.

Arrow Season 4 will debut on Wednesday, October 7 on The CW.

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