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Will the Avengers ever appear alongside the Defenders? That's the million dollar question Marvel fans have been asking for awhile, and while Finn Jones doesn't have an answer, he definitely has some ideas. Here's how Jones thinks the two teams should cross over:

We're part of the same universe. If there ever was a mash-up between the Avengers and the Defenders, I think it'd be really nice to see the Avengers come to the Netflix world. It'd be way more interesting to see those characters fleshed out the same way as our characters are, rather than just see our characters do some big fucking fight scene! There's nothing cool about that.

Finn Jones has a point, it does sound even more interesting to put the Avengers into the world of The Defenders. That said, it sounds far less likely that audiences will see the Tony Stark fans know romping through a show that features explicit sex and more gore than was ever shown in the Marvel films he's in. Just imagining the do-gooder Captain America bearing witness to some of the brutality The Punisher unleashed in Season 2 of Daredevil can bring an understanding of how this crossover can be so problematic. Cap protected The Winter Soldier, but he'd likely see Frank Castle's situation a little less gray.

Finn Jones' statement to Games Radar about fleshing out the Avengers brings up the largest fundamental difference between the heroes of the Netflix universe and the heroes of the cinematic universe. Marvel's Jeph Loeb touched on that last year, and spoke about how the Netflix hero shows have an ability to really dig into a character. Audiences spend 13 hours with each hero, and tell a much more personal story than the cinematic universe is capable of. We've have spent about as much time with Luke Cage in one season as they have throughout all of Captain America's films, including the ensemble projects. That's a pretty awesome, and perhaps more incentive for Marvel to explore the possibility of bringing an Avenger into one of their Netflix shows.

Having said that, seeing the Defenders in a giant MCU battle sounds pretty damn cool, and far from Finn Jones' opinion of boring. With so many heroes being confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War, it would be odd to see Daredevil and the Netflix squad not present during humanity's biggest struggle in the MCU to date. Even if the Defenders have a reduced role in helping people reach safety while the battle rages on, that'd give fans a moment they've been wanting since Marvel first came to Netflix.

Marvel's The Defenders miniseries is set to debut on Netflix Friday, August 18. For more on the series, check out Sigourney Weaver talking about how her character isn't really a villain, or our "What We Know," guide to get excited for what should be an epic team up! For information regarding all the best shows of the summer and where to find them, visit our summer premiere guide.

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