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Anne With An E Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

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Netflix is the home of many stellar originals, and a number of those can be traced back to books as source material. We have comic book-based shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones as well as literary saga-based shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events. A new show based on the classic Anne of Green Gables stories debuted on Netflix this past spring, and it put an intriguing twist on the characters book fans have known and loved for generations. The first season ended without giving much in the way of closure, and the future of the series was unknown for quite a while. Finally, we have news: Anne with an E has been renewed for Season 2.

A second season of Anne with an E will come to the small screen thanks to the continuing collaboration between Netflix and Canadian TV network CBC. The eight-episode first season evidently did quite well, as the episode count for Season 2 has been bumped up to 10. Shooting is slated to begin this fall, with the new batch of episodes to debut at some point in 2018. It has been confirmed that Amybeth McNulty will return as the irrepressible Anne Shirley. Geraldine James and R.H. Thompson will be back as well as Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, and Lucas Jade Zumann will reprise his role as Anne's nemesis-turned-friend Gilbert Blythe.

It should be interesting to see how Anne with an E handles its second season, as even the biggest Anne of Green Gables fans can't really guess what's going to happen. While the first season began as an adaptation that was quite faithful to the books -- including everything from Anne's first trip to Green Gables with Matthew to Anne breaking a slate over Gilbert Blythe's head -- the plot quickly and significantly veered away from anything that happened in the novels by L.M. Montgomery. Anne with an E is an adaptation with contemporary themes that isn't afraid to deviate from the source material.

Season 1 ended with the Cuthbert family taking in a pair of lodgers at Green Gables to raise some funds after they had to sell pretty much everything to pay off a mortgage. Unfortunately, the lodgers just happen to be two people who beat up young farmhand Jerry and robbed him while he was selling livestock for the Cuthberts. Anne and the Cuthberts are none the wiser. Meanwhile, the orphaned Gilbert left Avonlea to work on the docks, and he seemed to be leaving the story for a while. Given that Lucas Jade Zumann will be back for Season 2, we can count on Gilbert returning to Avonlea at some point to hopefully resume his friendship with Anne.

All eight episodes of Anne with an E are currently streaming on Netflix. For your other streaming options, take a look at our 2017 Netflix schedule. Our summer TV guide and our fall TV premiere schedule can help you out with your non-streaming options as well.

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