Those who are fans of DreamWorks Animation's Voltron: Legendary Defender or even old-heads who enjoyed the original 1984 Voltron should be aware: Season 3 is the series' best yet. A strong ending to Season 2 which resulted in the Galra leader Zarkon being placed on life support has proven that the Paladins can protect the universe, but it'll take more than cutting off the head of their enemy to defeat the Galra's oppressive hold on the galaxy. We've come up with some things from Season 3 that should get all fans excited to binge the series on Netflix this weekend. Check them out!

Warning: minor spoilers for Voltron Season 3 ahead.

Shiro Is Still Missing

While the Paladins were successful in defeating Zarkon at the end of Season 2, the battle was not won without cost. After using his Bayard to supercharge the Voltron sword to defeat Zarkon's Ro-Beast armor, Shiro mysteriously disappears from the Black Lion and when Season 3 picks up, he's still nowhere to be found. Obviously, this creates some captivating problems for the team as tensions run high between Keith and the rest of the team as to whether finding Shiro or continuing to protect the galaxy should be the team's top priority. Of course, without the head of Voltron to pilot the Black Lion, the team has another difficult problem that will need solving sooner rather than later.

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