Why Season 3 Of Voltron: Legendary Defender Is Its Best Yet

Those who are fans of DreamWorks Animation's Voltron: Legendary Defender or even old-heads who enjoyed the original 1984 Voltron should be aware: Season 3 is the series' best yet. A strong ending to Season 2 which resulted in the Galra leader Zarkon being placed on life support has proven that the Paladins can protect the universe, but it'll take more than cutting off the head of their enemy to defeat the Galra's oppressive hold on the galaxy. We've come up with some things from Season 3 that should get all fans excited to binge the series on Netflix this weekend. Check them out!

Warning: minor spoilers for Voltron Season 3 ahead.

Shiro Voltron: Legendary Defender Netflix

Shiro Is Still Missing

While the Paladins were successful in defeating Zarkon at the end of Season 2, the battle was not won without cost. After using his Bayard to supercharge the Voltron sword to defeat Zarkon's Ro-Beast armor, Shiro mysteriously disappears from the Black Lion and when Season 3 picks up, he's still nowhere to be found. Obviously, this creates some captivating problems for the team as tensions run high between Keith and the rest of the team as to whether finding Shiro or continuing to protect the galaxy should be the team's top priority. Of course, without the head of Voltron to pilot the Black Lion, the team has another difficult problem that will need solving sooner rather than later.

Voltron Voltron: The Legendary Defender Netflix

Voltron Can't Form (At Least For A Time)

With Shiro gone, the trump card in the Paladin's battle strategy went with him. Without a pilot for the Black Lion, the team is in a bit of a struggle as they continue to fight the Galra as well as try to convince the rest of the galaxy to rise up against, despite the fact that they can't form the entity that helped them get as far as they have. Without getting too far into spoilers, things do get resolved, and the resolution, as well as the initial problem of continuing to fight without Voltron, make for some of the best story Voltron: Legendary Defenders has done to date. As mentioned, it won't take long for the problem to resolve, and the way the characters deal with it should prove very interesting to the story going forward.

Prince Lotor Voltron: Legendary Defender Netflix

Prince Lotor Is Here, And He May Be Worse Than His Dad

With Zarkon officially out for the count, word has been sent for his son Prince Lotor, and it takes only a few minutes on screen to see the prince is not his father. Unfortunately, that's a bad thing for our heroes as Lotor's primary strategy is to incentivize the strongest of the enslaved planets to fight for the Galra Empire. A brilliant tactician, Lotor would rather see defeat in battle than allow himself to repeat the same reckless mistakes his father made that rendered the ruler of Galra comatose. While he is different than Zarkon, the intergalactic apple doesn't fall far from the tree and fans will learn very quickly that Voltron: Legendary Defender's latest big bad can be just as brutal -- if not more so -- than his father at times.

Lance Voltron: Legendary Defender

The Paladins Are Gaining Support

The tales of Voltron have spread enough that by Season 3, quite a few planets are ready to lend their aid in the fight against the Galra Empire. It won't be easy, as leader of the Blade Of Malmora leader Kolivan states rather bluntly in the first episode the Galra still control enough of the galaxy to easily ensure a 10,000-year reign. Voltron is a big help to the opposition, but unless the team can align with the miscellaneous rebel forces and willing planets across the galaxy, they'll never have a true shot at defeating the empire. With Lotor also employing sort of the same strategy in enlisting outside the Galran ranks for the first time ever, the sense that a massive war is about to take place between the entire galaxy feels very real.

Blue Lion Yellow Lion Voltron: Legendary Defender Netflix

Tremendous Action Sequences Suitable For All Ages

The action sequences have always been great in Voltron: Legendary Defender, but Season 3 in particular really brings the noise. It also does so without excessive violence that may frighten a small child trying to bond with a parent while watching the show. At the same time, people are getting socked in the face and space battles are engaging enough that any adult watching will without a doubt be satisfied enough to keep engaged in the action. It harkens back (appropriately so) to those Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 80s where showing a weapon on screen and someone using it was not a bad thing, and while cartoons have been progressively headed back in that direction for awhile now, Voltron: Legendary Defender strikes the balance between safe family fun and adrenaline-pumping action better than most.

Those excited for Season 3 of Voltron: Legendary Defender need only to fire up their Netflix as the entire season is up to stream right now! Those on the hunt for more great Netflix related programming should check out our helpful guide for all of this year's hottest releases. Those looking for something on their television will also find luck on our summer premiere guide or our new fall premiere guide.

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