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What Marvel’s The Runaways’ Showrunner Thinks About Crossover Possibilities

Runaways cast

The MCU will be getting a new addition to its rapidly growing TV world with Hulu's Runaways, an adaptation of the popular comic of the same name. The show will explore a new corner of the MCU and offer a distinctly teenage perspective, largely trying to just be its own thing. But being a part of a shared universe means that there's some possibility for crossovers and with shows like Cloak and Dagger also on the way, could the Runaways meet some other teen heroes? The answer, for the moment, seems to be not right now.

Yeah. How it connects or whether it does or not, we'll leave that to the powers that be. I can just tell you that we were very capable of telling the story that we wanted to tell independent of any of the other Marvel stories that are out there.

Fans of Marvel TV should be no doubt familiar with this type of answer by now. While speaking with IGN, executive producer Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Chuck) said that they weren't overly concerning themselves with connecting Runaways to the movies or other network shows at the moment. They are just trying to make a good show that can stand on its own legs and they weren't slaves to any sort of continuity restrictions while making the show. So, don't count on the Runaways meeting the New Warriors right out of the gate.

While there are likely fans who want an Arrowverse-like TV universe for Marvel, that will take some time to build toward. It's also not entirely clear if Marvel wants to cross its TV shows, as the studio has largely been keeping its cards close to the chest. However, that doesn't mean there won't be references and other connections to the larger workings of the MCU. Due to Runaways featuring a young teenaged cast, the show can demonstrate how young people view a world with the Avengers, like through social media for example.

Runaways is adapted from the popular comic book of the same name created by Brian K. Vaughan. The series will follow a group of high schoolers who discover that their parents are all a part of a supervillain group called the Pride. They then run away from home and try to find a way to escape their parents, all while dealing with their own emerging powers, hormones, and personal issues. The series stars Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, and Allegra Acosta as the six teenagers.

Runaways is set to premiere on Hulu on November 21, 2017. To learn more about all the big shows you need to know about, make sure to visit our summer and fall TV premiere guides!

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