Why Working On Bobby Moynihan's New Show Is So Stress-Free, According To Jaleel White

bobby moynihan and jaleel white me myself and i

CBS' upcoming comedy Me, Myself & I is noteworthy for several reasons, as it'll be the first big live-action starring role for Bobby Moynihan outside of Saturday Night Live, as well as the big primetime return for Family Matters' Jaleel White. (Not to mention John Larroquette.) CinemaBlend had the pleasure of speaking with White about the new series, and when I asked him about the winning chemistry he shared onscreen with Moynihan, the actor made it sound like the kind of job everybody wants to have.

Bobby walked in the room, man, right before a table read and thanked me with both hands on my shoulders for doing the pilot, and I thought that was so incredibly gracious of him. That affability of his just translated. It translated quickly to the screen. It was a very seamless process, to be quite honest. There was no stress to the pilot at all. . . . We've already jumped into some more table reads. The guy's a pro, and without beating my own drum, I'm a pro too. So it's really nice. I've been in the business for 37 years, so it's nice to work with somebody who values professionalism, because what you want to do is give it right back. And that's the key to chemistry right there, is two people valuing their professionalism.

Talking with Jaleel White was a true pleasure, as the actor comes off as well-rounded as anyone, either in the industry or outside of it, and there was nothing but genuine appreciation and happiness in his voice when talking about Me, Myself & I, as well as its leading man Bobby Moynihan. White plays Darryl, best friend and quasi-landlord for Moynihan's struggling inventor Alex, who is plotting his post-divorce return to normal life while living inside Darryl's garage, so almost every time Darryl shows up, Alex is there. As such, this might not have been such a winning experience for White had Moynihan not gone into the project with such a clear head and keen sense of professionalism.

Not that there's any reason to think it would have gone down any differently than it has. When Bobby Moynihan signed on to star in Me, Myself & I, he sounded extremely jazzed, and when the series order was announced, it was soon followed by the news that he was leaving Saturday Night Live ahead of Season 43. And considering his last season has been so extremely popular, he got to go out on top, so to speak, which also speaks to his passion for the new comedy. And thankfully for the actor's fans, as well as those of Jaleel White, Me, Myself & I comes out the gate strong, and the inimitable Steve Urkel portrayer convinced me (even without trying) that everything we'll see after the pilot will be equally enjoyable.

Beyond his upcoming show, Jaleel White has been a busy man in recent years, pulling off winning appearances on Atlanta, Drunk History, Celebrity Family Feud and more, and he's also currently part of an interesting ad campaign. White has teamed with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to share some of his "adulting" tips that he's learned since his childhood days, and you only need to head to the Enterprise website to see more from this enjoyable campaign. As the actor said, he's been in the business for almost 40 years, so he's seen more than his share of tips on how to make life easier, and one of those tips is "Don't skimp on rental car reimbursement coverage."

We thankfully don't have too much longer to wait to see Bobby Moynihan and Jaleel White together on the small screen, as the timeline-jumping Me, Myself & I will debut on Monday, September 25, at 9:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in, as it's a winner, and head to our fall premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the near future.

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