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The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale featured a major death that fans have been awaiting and/or dreading for years. Littlefinger finally died after one of his schemes went very wrong very quickly, and he was unceremoniously executed in the great hall of Winterfell. His death marks the end of a character who has driven many plots over the years, and it seems that some fans believe he didn't deserve to die the way he did: on the orders of his beloved Sansa. Well, actress Sophie Turner has some blunt words for Littlefinger defenders:

Littlefinger died when his attempts to manipulate Sansa into having Arya killed backfired, and the three Stark kids in Winterfell banded together to take him down. Sansa leveled charges of murder and treason, Bran used his Three-Eyed Raven abilities to give evidence, and Arya killed Littlefinger with his own former blade. It was kind of a pathetic death, as he was reduced to begging for his life and desperately professing his love to Sansa to try and prevent being killed. Sansa wasn't having any of his pleas, however, and Arya slit his throat with no protest from her sister.

Can we really blame her? As Sophie Turner pointed out in her tweet, Littlefinger orchestrated many of the plot twists that led to great suffering for the Starks. His deal with the Boltons resulted in Sansa being raped and tormented on a regular basis as Ramsay's wife, his betrayal of Ned led to Ned's death and the rise of the Lannisters in King's Landing, and his manipulations in Winterfell were intended to drive a wedge between Sansa and her siblings. Young Rickon would probably be alive if not for the sequence of events Littlefinger kicked off. Even if some fans will miss Littlefinger in Season 8, it's probably safe to say that Sansa won't regret her decision as Lady of Winterfell to have him killed.

Of course, Aidan Gillen was pretty fantastic as Littlefinger, so we may come to miss him as a member of the cast in Season 8. Still, with the Great War coming from the North (quickly, now that the Wall has fallen) and Cersei planning to attack Dany's forces from the south, the time of Littlefinger's subtle behind-the-scenes schemes was over. Littlefinger was simply never going to be a major player in the Great War, even if he did worm his way to the Lady of Winterfell's side. If anything, he might have been rendered obsolete by Season 8.

My only regret about Littlefinger's death is that we didn't get to see Jon Snow strangle him again. Sansa definitely deserved the be the one to pass the sentence, but seeing Jon strangle Littlefinger in Season 7 was just fun. We'll have to wait and see if Littlefinger will be remembered in Season 8, or if Sansa will forget him as the army of the dead approaches.

Unfortunately, we have a while to wait before Season 8 arrives, as HBO hasn't even confirmed if Game of Thrones will return before 2019. Hopefully we get more information soon. Take a peek at our fall TV premiere schedule for what you can watch now that Game of Thrones is done for the year.

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