Gotham Is Finally Giving Lucius Fox More To Do In Season 4

Lucius Fox in Gotham

With the summer months now officially over and the fall creeping upon us, it's a very exciting time for hardcore TV viewers. Because the long hiatus between seasons is over, and fall premiers have already begun. One highly anticipated series that will be making its return shortly is FOX's Batman prequel series Gotham. Gotham is gearing up for its fourth season, and now it looks like one of the supporting characters may finally have a meatier role in the coming episodes. Lucius Fox is catching onto Bruce and Alfred's activities, as producer Danny Cannon recently revealed:

Yes, Lucius is beginning to suspect that Alfred and Bruce might have a double life and politely weaves his way in. Lucius has worked for Wayne Industries and he may work there again one day, and for right now he doesn't want to see Bruce get hurt. So he finds a way of helping without interfering.

Now this sounds like an interesting character choice. Rather than attempting to stop Bruce's growing interest as a vigilante, it looks like Lucius Fox will be trying to subtly assist the young ward and his butler in their mission.

Danny Cannon's statement to TV Line is sure to be exciting for hardcore Batman fans that have been frustrated with Lucius Fox's lack of screen time in the first few seasons of Gotham. While he began as an employee of Wayne Tech (similar to his comic book origins), he eventually departed the company after finding it to be too corrupt. Fox has since been employed by the Gotham PD, although it seems that his destiny is to once again return to Wayne Tech, specifically to craft the Batman suit and gadgets that Bruce is destined to eventually wear.

Unfortunately, Lucius is still very much a tertiary character on the series. In fact, the back half of Season 3 only featured a handful of appearances by the guy, despite David Mazouz insisting that he and Lucius would have a major plot line.

Lucius Fox has become a fan favorite character over the past few years, largely due to Morgan Freeman's fantastic performance in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. In the films, he was the secret tech expert that helped Bruce Wayne suit up and battle evildoers throughout the three films. He also served as a moral compass, especially in the second movie when Bruce hacked the city's cellphones in an attempt to find The Joker.

Lucius Fox is also a major character in Telltale's Batman games, which is yet another reason why the fandom hasn't necessarily been satisfied with his portrayal in Gotham.

Gotham will return for its fourth season September 21, 2017 on FOX. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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