Lucius Fox Will Finally Get More To Do On Gotham, Here's What We Know

Gotham is only one of many comics-based series on television nowadays, but it’s the only one that doesn’t feature superpowers or the supernatural is a big way. Luckily, the characters are interesting enough it’s never really mattered that nobody can fly or make earthquakes or run faster than speeding bullets. One character that we really haven’t gotten to see enough of has been Lucius Fox. According to David Mazouz who plays the young Bruce Wayne, there will be much more of Lucius in the not-too-distant future.

Toward the end of the season, Lucius and Bruce go on a journey together – without or without Alfred.

David Mazouz’s reveal to TVLine that Bruce and Lucius may be taking a trip not sanctioned by Alfred presents some exciting possibilities for the end of Season 2. Alfred always seems to find a way to either accompany or shadow Bruce to wherever he goes, so Bruce and Lucius might have to go to some serious lengths to pull one over on Alfred.

Considering that Bruce has tended to not fare very well whenever he goes on adventures without involving Alfred in the plan, his adventure with Lucius might not go as well as they hope. David Mazouz had further insight into Bruce’s mindset on the matter.

Alfred, Bruce is kind of stuck with. And Alfred is a protector of Bruce. Whereas Lucius really encourages the investigation [into Wayne Enterprises’ wrongdoing]. He cares about Bruce’s safety, but he’s not so overwhelmed with safeguarding him.

So, basically, Alfred is the overprotective father who cares more about safety than fun, and Lucius is the cool uncle who’s not quite so preoccupied with protecting his nephew. It should be interesting to see the dynamic between Bruce and Lucius contrasted with the dynamic between Bruce and Alfred. At the very least, there’s something deeply entertaining about the fact that Gotham’s latest love triangle is between Alfred, Bruce, and Lucius.

It’s hard not to feel a little bit bad for Alfred in this equation, but Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox is such a great addition to the cast of Gotham that seeing more of him is definitely worth Alfred feeling spurned for a couple of episodes. The character was made famous thanks to Morgan Freeman’s portrayal in the Dark Knight film trilogy opposite Christian Bale as the adult Bruce Wayne, but Chris Chalk is making the role his own opposite David Mazouz.

Gotham has only just returned from three months of hiatus after a killer midseason finale back in November, so news that we’ll be getting more of Lucius Fox in the rest of Season 2 is just one more reason for fans of the show to be excited. To catch more of the adventures of Bruce, Lucius, and poor Alfred, be sure to tune into Fox on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Gotham.

Laura Hurley
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