Westworld Season 2 Just Cast A Character That Introduces A Whole New World

Samurai World's hosts in the Westworld finale

Spoilers ahead for the season finale of Westworld.

This year's Primetime Emmy Awards are this coming Sunday, and one new show that has raked up an impressive amount of noms is HBO's sci-fi epic Westworld. The series is likely to win at least one statue this coming Sunday, although the hardcore fandom has their eyes on the future. While Season 2 won't be around until sometime in 2018, speculation began as soon as the explosive Season 1 finale aired. Many believed that we'd explore the other parks in the sophomore season, and now it seems that this is all but confirmed, thanks to the casting of actor Hiroyuki Sanada and some spoilers in the form of merchandise.

According to TV Guide, Hiroyuki Sanada (Lost, The Wolverine) has been cast in a recurring role for Westworld Season 2, playing the role of Musashi. This seems to confirm that Samuraiworld will factor into the show's second season, especially when you consider the show's line of Funko Pop dolls. A NY Comic-Con exclusive Westworld figure is none other than the mysterious Musashi himself, who is clad in Samurai gear. And since he wasn't actually in Season 1, it looks like Dolores and company may be heading to Samurai World when Westworld return for its second season. Check it out.

Musashi funko pop

Get your swords ready, because it looks like we'll be headed to another one of Westworld's parks in Season 2. And things are probably going to get bloody.

Westworld's Season 1 finale saw Mae (Thandie Newton) make a daring escape from the park's headquarters. While she attempted to leave the facility and take the train out, she and her motley crew of hosts ended up passing through the labs of some other worlds, dropping the bomb that Westworld isn't the only park available for the company's rich clients. We saw some hosts clad in Samurai armor and swords, strongly hinting that future episodes may explore the other parks. And now it looks like Samuraiworld is at the top of the list.

It should be interesting to see how the overall mythology of the series is expanded when Westworld returns for Season 2 on HBO. The original film featured other parks like Romanworld and Medievalworld, so the TV series seems to be taking some liberties with the parks. Although with the chaos currently happening within Westworld, we may have to wait to explore the other ones.

In Westworld's season finale, we saw as the retired hosts descended upon the investor's event, and that they were now able to harm the guests. Anyone currently in the park will have to fight for their lives and hope for rescue, which seems to be exactly what the Man in Black (aka fully grown William) wanted, since he was growing bored of his visits.

Westworld's second season doesn't currently have a release date. Although its set to arrive sometime in 2018, with much of the A-list cast returning for a second go. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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