More Proof The Walking Dead And Breaking Bad Are In The Same Universe

Strand and Madison at the trading post

Everyone loves a fan theory, and no shows that have more than massively popular ones like Game of Thrones or AMC's The Walking Dead. The latter has had one very popular theory for years now, which may have just gotten more confirmation thanks to the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead. The last episode showed Madison and Walker arriving at a trading post in hopes of purchasing water for The Ranch. This scene actually contained a subtle nod to Breaking Bad, as the Heisenberg Song from Season 2 of the acclaimed meth-focused drama was heard playing as the unlikely duo entered the post for the first time. As a reminder, check out the original song below, from Breaking Bad episode "Negro y Azul"

That is some classic Breaking Bad right there, and one of the only most surprising moments of the entire series. This cold open showed how Walter White's growing business was becoming a headliner internationally, and how he may actually be in a bit over his balding head. Now be sure to check out the scene from last week's Fear The Walking Dead, and listen for the same little diddy playing in the background.

Did you catch it? Pretty cool, right?

This music choice seems to reveal that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead share a universe, without anyone from either camp actually confirming anything. But fan theories have been built on less, so this is at the very least a cute way to acknowledge the concept of a crossover, and a nod to the fans who believe the shows share a common setting and time period.

Evidence of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad being set in the same universe has been slowly building for a while now, and the shared fandom is eager to find any connection between the two massively popular AMC shows. Most of the information is based off of lines and dialogue from Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon. In one of the first episodes of TWD, Daryl is shown hoarding Merle's stash of drugs. In the back are blue crystals that look exactly like Walter White's signature product: blue meth.

Daryl continued to add fuel to the fire in Season 4 when he and Beth got their own episode. In it, he described Merle's drug dealer as a "janky little white guy", who told the Dixon brothers "I'm gonna kill you, bitch." Call me crazy, but this sounds a lot like Breaking Bad fan favorite Jesse Pinkman. After all, the b word is Jesse's favorite of all time, and he was a meth dealer.

Of course, there is considerable difference in location between both shows, as TWD is set in Atlanta and Breaking Bad is in Albuquerque. Meanwhile, Fear The Walking Dead's Otto Ranch is near Southern California. So there's plenty of arguments to be made against the theory, although many fans choose to believe that Breaking Bad is actually a prequel to the events of the zombie apocalypse.

Fear The Walking Dead is currently airing Sundays on AMC, and The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 on October 22, 2017. Check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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