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Sleepy Hollow may be over, but the final season of the supernatural Fox drama is about to hit home video (along with a nifty collectible box set of the entire series) on September 26, and we've got an exclusive scene for you that shows off more of the series' final villains as they prepare to take over the White House during the show's penultimate episode. Take a look below!

Ah, good ol' Dreyfuss and Jobe. That was certainly a Sleepy Hollow duo so crazy and evil that it was nearly impossible not to love hating them. As you may recall, this scene was featured near the end of the episode titled "Tomorrow," and it dealt with Dreyfuss, who had almost completed his mission to bring back the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse so that he could oust the president and take over the country, talking with Jobe about replacing the all-important Horseman of War. Like Dreyfuss says in the clip, "You can do so much more with four."

This episode began with a trip to the dystopian future that would be brought on by Dreyfuss' reign. In this future, Jenny is part of an underground resistance to his rule (and we'd expect nothing less from her), but when her group is found out by the Horsemen and a grownup Molly (now calling herself Lara), the fight leads to Jenny revealing to Molly that her mother didn't die after all, but that Dreyfuss turned her into the Horseman of War. This, of course, is what made Molly locate the imprisoned Crane and use a spell of Katrina's to go back in time so she could help Team Witness stop Dreyfuss and his evil plan.

This episode also gave us our first looks at a newly resurrected Henry Parrish, who was brought back when a bit of Crane's blood merged with the webbing of a demon from earlier in the season. Upon coming back, Henry actually helped Team Witness by telling them that his mother's decoupling ritual might help them save Crane, who was being taken over by the spirit of the Horseman of War. It turns out that Henry's helpful streak was actually just so that he could take his dad's place, seeing as how he once carried the mantle of War himself and wanted that destructive power back.

The Sleepy Hollow Season 4 DVD set includes many more deleted and extended scenes in addition to this one, so if you need more Sleepy Hollow than what you got on TV, be sure to pick it up. The Sleepy Hollow Collectible Box Set of all four seasons features a gag reel, audio commentaries, a deleted scenes feature "The Corbin Files" and the featurettes "Welcome to Sleepy Hollow," "Mysteries and Mythology: The Secrets of Sleepy Hollow" and "Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Crane."

Oh, Sleepy many good memories, am I right? Both DVD sets will hit store shelves on Tuesday, September 26. To see what you can watch on the small screen to help fill the Sleepy Hollow void, check out our fall premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide.

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