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We learned about a month ago that longtime showrunner of The Big Bang Theory Steve Molaro would be stepping away from the series to work on Young Sheldon, and that longtime writer and executive producer for the series Steve Holland would be taking his place as the new showrunner. With the Season 11 premiere of the show happening this Monday, Molaro shares the excellent advice given to him by creator Chuck Lorre in the quote below:

Chuck's piece of advice was 'Don't be afraid to try new things. The worst thing you can do in Season 11 in a show is fall back on what's always worked in the past.

Given the crazy amount of stuff that has happened in Season 10, it almost feels impossible for Steve Holland to keep with the status quo of The Big Bang Theory even if he wanted to. Despite that, Holland tells Variety the advice from Chuck Lorre was prompted by his own concern that with Sheldon proposing to Amy and Howard and Bernadette having a baby, there weren't many stories left to tell in the series. Luckily, it appears the pep talk Holland gave Lorre helped, as the new showrunner is teasing plenty of things that will be happening in Season 11.

Of course, Steve Holland says one of the first things Season 11 will address is Amy's response to Sheldon's marriage proposal. While he admits he knows most fans presume she's going to say yes, Holland teases there's more to the couple's journey to a lifetime companionship beyond her answer. As for what else is on deck for the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory, Holland had this to say:

Obviously the proposal at the end of Season 10 gave us a lot of energy of things to do going into the new season, but honestly there's just been interesting things going on in the science world of real life that's been really fun to bring into the show. It's nice that we've built out their world a little bit at this point, and we do have some great science guest stars in the first few episodes, too.

The Big Bang Theory returns for Season 11 Monday, September 25th at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Fans of the franchise should be sure to stick around after the premiere, as the spin-off series Young Sheldon is set to air immediately following. For more on that series, check out how Sheldon actor Jim Parsons helped younger actor Iain Armitage prepare for playing the oddball physicist. For more on last season of The Big Bang Theory, read up more on why the show decided to end the season with Sheldon's proposal. For a look at all television hitting the airwaves in the next couple of months visit our fall premiere guide.

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