How Sheldon's Big Bang Theory Proposal Immediately Loses Its Magic In The Season 11 Premiere

sheldon proposing big bang theory

When Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory came to a close, the show dropped a hell of a cliffhanger on fans by having Sheldon make the mostly uncharacteristic decision to ask for Amy's hand in marriage. When Season 11 kicks off, the premiere will pick up right where things left off, and Sheldon will make a much more characteristic move that deflates the fairy tale magic of the moment: he pauses to take a phone call that comes in before Amy has a chance to answer.

For as much of a genius as Sheldon is when it comes to matters of theoretical physics and comic book dream sequences, he's never been one for handling any kind of social situation with the proper regard, and apparently that extends to what should be one of the couple's most memorable moments together. But hey, if Leonard is calling Sheldon right at that moment, it must be important, right? Maybe, but barring someone's severe injury and/or death, I'm not sure Amy is going to have the most forgiving reaction to this pre-matrimonial faux pas.

Check out the moment below, which was revealed in a brand new Season 11 trailer.

Could Sheldon answering his phone be enough for Amy to temporarily decide against moving forward towards a dream wedding with him? Or will this be a chance for Leonard (and possibly Penny) to hear Amy tell Sheldon her big answer? Or, because there's definitely a third option here, will Leonard's call bring about Sheldon confessing to having been kissed by his returning old flame Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, as portrayed by Riki Lindhome? Even though he was too naive to see any of that happening in front of his face, Amy will likely still hold him responsible in some way, which could definitely be a hump in the engagement process.

With Season 11 comes a change in showrunner, as Steve Molaro vacated the position in order to run the first season of the Big Bang spinoff Young Sheldon, which premieres this fall. Writer and EP Steve Holland filled those shoes, and the pressure is on him to successfully navigate these characters through this awkward proposal process and beyond. With there potentially being only a couple of years left in The Big Bang Theory's run, we can expect to see a few end-game pieces fall into place in Season 11, even though the writers rarely plan ahead with their storytelling.

Everyone stay off your phones when The Big Bang Theory makes its anticipated return for Season 11 on CBS (opens in new tab), starting on Monday, September 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see everything else that's heading to the small screen in the near future, head to our fall premiere guide.

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