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The Big Bang Theory Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes For Season 11

When The Big Bang Theory was in mid-production for Season 10, the headlines were all about whether the ensemble cast's contract negotiations would work out for Season 11. But now that nobody is worried about that side of things anymore, it looks like the hit CBS comedy will be saying a mild farewell of sorts to Steve Molaro, who is stepping down as showrunner in order to focus on another noteworthy network comedy, the spinoff Young Sheldon. Zero time was wasted in finding Molaro's replacement, too.

Longtime showrunner Steve Molaro may be heading out the door, but it's not on a permanent basis, as he'll still be an executive producer and major influence behind the cameras. But according to Deadline, taking his place in handling the day-by-day duties will be the heavily qualified Steve Holland, a current writer and executive producer that has been with The Big Bang Theory since the onset of Season 3. And his efforts landed him the EP title just last season, so Holland's probably on board with Big Bang lasting a few seasons longer than recent years' conversations would have pessimists believing it will.

Steve Molaro definitely isn't stepping down as The Big Bang Theory showrunner with any malice or ill will involved, and he'll be putting the majority of his attention on delivering the goods with the upcoming comedy Young Sheldon, which will focus on the Cooper family during Sheldon's young and extremely precocious years. Molaro co-created the spinoff with Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre, and the duo will continue working with Holland and the flagship series, but presumably in more of a big picture setting than anything super-detailed.

Starring Iain Armitage and Zoe Perry, with narrations from Jim Parsons himself, Young Sheldon is shooting for something a little different than its predecessor. It's eschewing the live studio audience and the big. bright soundstage production, with less of a focus on pop culture jokes and more attention going to somewhat realistic family situations. (And yes, Meemaw will be there.) Nailing that tone will be extremely important in making Young Sheldon a success, so it's understandable that co-creator Steve Molaro would be the person to see that plan through, even if it means putting his former day job on the back burner. (Check out the show's first trailer for a better idea of the tone and approach.)

It was just over a week ago that Steve Molaro was heading up the Big Bang Theory's 10th anniversary panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, talking about that big finale moment where Sheldon asked Amy to marry him. And now, he won't even be the person in charge of addressing that moment anymore.

Get all the Sheldon Cooper you can handle this fall when The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premiers on CBS in its usual concurrent-with-the-NFL-season Monday night timeslot of 8:00 p.m. ET, starting September 25. Young Sheldon won't look a lead-in gift horse in the mouth, as it will also premiere its special preview on September 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET, although its freshman season won't officially begin until the post-Big Bang timeslot starting on Thursday, November 2.

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Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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