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The American Idol reboot has found its second celebrity judge, and he's a little bit "country." As of today, it looks like hit country music juggernaut Luke Bryan will be joining Katy Perry as an Idol judge to help look for America's next superstar in 2018. Although the news is out regarding Bryan reportedly joining the series, there are still some other big questions that need to be answered in terms of this exciting TV comeback.

Beyond his actual involvement, one of the biggest questions many are wondering about is how much Luke Bryan would be getting paid. Variety says ABC declined to comment on the deal altogether, but it's a question that will continue to be asked after the news came out that the network dropped $25 million to have Katy Perry along for the ride. With Ryan Seacrest netting about $10-$15 million to come back as host, and Bryan already being a fairly big name in the country genre, it's hard to imagine his price tag could be much lower. With American Idol dropping so much cash on talent alone, one really has to wonder how much ABC allocated towards everything else in this show's budget.

With Luke Bryan likely locked down, ABC still needs to find that third celebrity host, since the final open audition dates for American Idol are rapidly approaching. Lionel Richie was allegedly in talks to be a judge for the series earlier this year, but updated reports have indicated that is no longer happening. With the final open audition for the series being held on October 11th, one would have to imagine the final judge will be announced by then, so that the show can then begin filming the celebrity judge auditions.

Assuming that's all planned to go down as past seasons have, of course. While Luke Bryan has a presumably free schedule after the first week of October, as far as his touring is concerned, Katy Perry is going non-stop with shows right up until the show's alleged start date in March. While Perry does have a TON of tour dates set between now and March, it wouldn't be impossible to work around her schedule to film the expected audition segments, so we'll just have to wait to see how things play out. That said, between these two judges touring and Ryan Seacrest hosting Live With Kelly And Ryan on most weekdays, it has to be a logistical nightmare to schedule filming dates for this show!

Luke Bryan and the rest of the high priced American Idol crew are reportedly making their ABC debut in 2018 immediately following The Oscars ceremony, but we'll have to . For more on this show and alleged drama that may have been caused by it, be sure to read up on how Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest had a bit of a falling out regarding the reality competition, and how Kim Kardashian allegedly looked to make a move on Ripa's daytime talk show throne. For more fall programming that's equally as exciting, visit our fall premiere guide.

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