Major Crimes Has Been Cancelled, No Season 7 At TNT

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For the past five years, TNT has kept the universe of Kyra Sedgwick's The Closer alive with the spinoff series Major Crimes, as led by the fantastic Mary McDonnell. And while fans have been waiting diligently for the upcoming premiere of Season 6. TNT announced Major Crimes' cancellation today, so that wait will potentially be coupled with some sour feelings, as we now know that Season 7 won't be coming in the future.

No exact reasons were given for why Major Crimes is coming to a close, and unless some juicy news gets revealed later on, it seems like the cable drama is bowing out with mutual agreement happening all around. While getting cancelled before an upcoming season can sometimes appear to be a crappy move by a network, the best case scenario is when it happens early enough so that the creative team can take aim at a predetermined ending that satisfies both longtime fans and viewers that picked the show up along the way. (And also hopefully in a way that still allows for a potential Season 7 to happen.)

Interestingly, Season 6 of Major Crimes will feel slightly different from past seasons, as there will be three (pardon my non-pun) major crimes for Commander Sharon Raydor and her team to try and solve. With Leonard Roberts' Assistant Chief Leo Mason as the new big boss, the group of detectives will face an emotional journey as they try to traverse a constantly changing justice system, and viewers can expect to see characters facing both big loves and losses. The latter may have something to do with serial killer Philip Stroh (Billy Burke) returning to cause havoc. [dramatic music]

Creator James Duff's statement about Major Crimes' cancellation was more exciting than downbeat, thankfully, as he promises a pleasing final 13 episodes.

The whole company of Major Crimes is dedicated to making 2017-18 the best season yet. We will finish our long run on TNT with a finale worthy of our loyal viewers and their years of unstinting support.

Major Crimes, which has consistently been a cable ratings winner for TNT over the years, will be celebrating its 100th episode on December 19, so that will likely be a memorable episode for all involved. As well, the two-episode series finale has already been slotted for Tuesday, January 16, 2018. So while I don't know if that big finale will be worth a party, there's ample time to get supplies.

Take a look at what fans can expect from Season 6 in the trailer below.

One can only hope that TNT execs would decide to change their minds if enough people end up tuning in for what is currently Major Crimes' final season. (Although the network was quick to lay down another notable cancellation recently, so nothing is impossible.) So be sure to mark your calendars for the Season 6 premiere, which hits TNT on Tuesday, October 31, at 9:00 p.m.ET. And then you can head to our fall premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the near future.

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