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Joyce and Dustin speaking with Will in Season 2

Fall premiers have been happening across all networks, delighting the avid tv fans who long to return to their favorite small screen adventure. But there are a few shows holding out their premiers, including The Walking Dead and Netflix's Stranger Things. The latter will arrive just in time for Halloween, despite being last year's biggest summer hit. The fandom is chomping at the bit to see new footage of trailers of Stranger Things 2, and there is a way to get a sneak peek into the premiere episode. All you have to do is beat the new Stranger Things mobile game.

Stranger Things recently released a new mobile game, which allows you to control the main characters of the Netflix series in an 8-bit video game world. Appropriately retro and tons of fun, winning the game will reveal a new scene from Stranger Things 2, set on Halloween night. The boys are dressed up in fantastic Ghostbuster costumes, and the new scene is enough to give the hardcore fandom chills.

This news comes to us from Reddit user icecreamboy201, who beat the Stranger Things mobile game and got to witness the scene first hand. He eventually recorded and revealed the snippet, and CinemaBlend is ready to tell you what happened. Spoiler alert if you'd like to go into Stranger Things' second season with a fresh perspective.

The scene takes place on Halloween night, with the boys (complete with Will), trick-or-treating in their Ghostbusters costumes. Unfortunately, the average adult in Hawkins giving out candy doesn't seem to understand the pop culture reference, to the dismay of the four buddies. After debating the best type of Halloween candy, and most of the boys taking digs at the always delicious 3 Musketeers bar, they are terrified by another kid in a Michael Meyers Halloween mask. This ends up their classmate Max (Sadie Sink), a new tomboy character who will somehow factor into the show's main narrative.

This sneak peak is the first real look we got at Max. While Eleven was the only girl in the group for Season 1, it looks like she won't be alone when she reunites with her friends in Stranger Things 2. The second season trailer featured Elle pushing back through a tear from The Upside Down, although it's unclear where she's been staying, and why Hopper has been secretly feeding her Eggos. It should be interesting to see how she interacts with newcomer Max, as well as Will. Because while Season 1 revolved around the search for Will, he never actually met the telekinetic girl.

Stranger Things 2 will be released in its entirety October 27th on Netflix. In the meantime, be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.