The New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Is A Real Thriller

Of all the hit TV shows Netflix has delivered to the masses in recent years, Stranger Things ranks near the top. Following the first seas's critical acclaim, fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 2 to appropriately drop during the Halloween season. The teaser shown during the Super Bowl earlier this year provided a brief taste of what's to come, but Netflix has finally released the first full trailer for Stranger Things Season 2, and it's Vincent Price approved.

Our reunion with Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will in the new Stranger Things Season 2 trailer starts off lighthearted, with the boys heading to their local arcade to play Dragon's Lair. However, all is not well with Will Byers, as he's haunted by visions of the Upside Down months after being freed from that horrific parallel dimension. But it's not just the usual Upside Down terrors Will sees; there's also a gigantic spider-like creature coming that's almost certainly not friendly.

From there, we see the townsfolk of Hawkins, Indiana trying to live their lives as normally as possible following the events of Stranger Things Season 1, but that's impossible. In fact, not only will things never be the same, but the main characters will have to face the same kind of frights that haunted them a year earlier. As Vincent Price's narration from the Michael Jackson song "Thriller" plays (remember, everyone, this show is set in the 1980s), we're hit with snippets of the weird stuff that's coming in Season 2. This includes the boys taking their Ghostbusters game to the next level, as they've appeared to trap something in one of those traps modeled after what those spirit hunters used.

Finally, saving the best for last, we get our first reunion with Stranger Things' breakout character, Eleven. last seen using her telekinetic powers to defeat the Demogorgon in the Season 1 finale, Eleven has been stuck in the Upside Down, but she won't be trapped there for long, as that glowing pink portal will take her back to our world. However, given all the guns the adults have broken out and the weirdness being ramped up to 11 in Season 2, our intrepid protagonists will definitely want to have her back on their side to face what's coming.

Stranger Things Season 2 will be available to watch on Netflix starting October 27. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates surrounding the show, and in the meantime, check out our guide of what else the streaming service is releasing for the rest of 2017.

Adam Holmes
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