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Seth Rogen has had success bringing a show to cable television with AMC's Preacher, and now he's jumping into the world of streaming with a crazy new series which looks to be full of laughs and time travel. Check out the first trailer for Future Man, and continue reading below.

Only in a Seth Rogen project would the future of humanity rely on whether or not someone gets herpes. Regardless of its premise (which does sound quite a bit like The Last Starfighter), there's no denying Rogen knows how to do weird comedy as we see the future and the past collide in this crazy three-minute trailer. Those interested will be able to see much more than that, as all 13 episodes are due to hit Hulu November 14th.

While the premise enough sounds like something that will drive the laughs in Future Man, the cast does a good job of making sure the jokes land. Josh Hutcherson (who is no stranger to playing games with high stakes) makes a great seemingly incapable hero as Josh Futturman and, as usual with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg projects, a couple familiar faces from their past shows and films make their way into the series as well. As far as starring roles are concerned, Preacher actor Derek Wilson appears in a role dissimilar from his character Donnie. And in a lesser role, Ed Begley Jr. is worked into the mix as Josh's father.

Also taking on a starring role is Eliza Coupe who is most known for her role as Jane on Happy Endings. Coupe has bounced around Hollywood since the ending of that series in various roles in television and in film, so hopefully Future Man is a place the talented actress can call home for awhile. Coupe isn't the only actress in this series popping up around Hollywood in various roles either, as Future Man offered a very quick glimpse of Haley Joel Osment, who looks to be on a roll following his time on Silicon Valley.

Future Man hasn't made many waves during its development, but they did run into problems when actress Glenne Headly passed away while the series was still in production. Headly is featured in the trailer, and producers did not remove her role from the series. At the time of her death, it was reported Headly had only recorded five episodes, so it will be interesting to see what the series did to write around her absence in later episodes.

As mentioned, Future Man is set to release all 13 episodes on Hulu November 14th. For more information on Hulu, be sure to check out The Cord Cutter Podcast for a full breakdown of the service. For more information on fall programming in general and what shows to look out for, visit our fall premiere guide.

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