How The Breaking Bad Home Owners Are Combatting Annoying Pizza-Throwing Fans

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For four years now, the family who owns the Breaking Bad house has put up with rude, pushy, and pizza-throwing tourists, and they've finally had enough. The homeowners are combatting overzealous fans of the series with a six-foot wrought iron fence that will hopefully prevent any large pepperoni pizzas from finding their way to the home's rooftop, among other annoyances. It may seem at first like a gross overreaction to a couple of bad eggs, but after hearing the family's story behind the decision, it's sadder than anything.

Joanne Quintana, whose mother owns the home, says they feel trapped within their own property. Ever since their residence was used as Walter White's family household in Breaking Bad, the family has been subjected to tourists visiting the home at all hours of the day. Once there, Quintana says tourists have no qualms with walking onto the property, stealing things (such as driveway rocks) as souvenirs, as well as, yes, throwing pizza on the roof:

Unfortunately, It doesn't end there, either, as the Quintana family says they are frequently harassed by those who visit the house as well. Joanne says family members have been chastised by tourists for being in the yard or having their garage door up while people are trying to take a picture. It's gotten so bad that the Quintana family has become afraid to venture far from their abode, for fear something drastic will happen when they're away, which is why they're installing the fence, as told to KOB4.

Hopefully, once the fence is completed, Breaking Bad fans will take the hint and be a little more considerate to the Quintana family. That appears to be wishful thinking though, as Joanne Quintana says people are already trying to squeeze past the fence's construction in order to get a clearer shot of the house. One would like to think if the actual Walter White lived there, it'd be a different story, but remember that Walter appeared to have the same problem with squatters when he returned home late in the series.

While there will soon be an iron fence barring fans from closely visiting the home of Walter White, those wishing to see the home in its pop culture can still do so by watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. For more on the series, be sure to read about how the series actually inspired a recent episode of Rick and Morty, or why FX originally passed on the series when it was pitched to them. For information regarding new television and where to find it, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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