The Simpsons Writer Reveals An Awesome Lionel Hutz Scene Cut From A Classic Episode

Having been on the air for about 100 years now, it goes without saying that The Simpsons has accumulated a lot of classic episodes. One of the best is "22 Short Films About Springfield," a mild Pulp Fiction parody that told several short stories about secondary and background characters that didn't have to do with the Simpsons family. There are actually only 19 of these shorts with some having had to be cut for time. One of those would have featured Springfield's best worst lawyer, Lionel Hutz. What exactly his story entailed has been a mystery... until now! Check out Lionel's part from an actual script of the famous episode.

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Josh Weinstein is a writer and producer who has worked on animated shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, and Gravity Falls. He happened to be working on The Simpsons in 1996 when the Season 7 episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" was in production. The episode featured some of Springfield's most favorite citizens, but Lionel Hutz had to be cut for time, his segment lost to time. Weinstein took to Twitter to reveal a photo of an actual script from the episode, finally revealing what Lionel was up to on this busy day in Springfield.

The script details Lionel in an unusual setting: a room full of happy people. He's throwing on the charm and wooing all the ladies with his compliments and birthday cake, only for Judge Snyder to angrily enter the room. Turns out these people are jurors who Lionel is attempting to sway to his side for a case (classic Lionel Hutz). It's a quick bit, but if something's got to get cut, this seems like an understandable choice.

In case you aren't up on your Simpsons, Lionel Hutz is an ambulance chasing lawyer (and one-time real estate agent) who is usually hired by the Simpsons. He's not exactly moral and frequently tries to use his questionable ethics to win cases. He is a retired Simpsons character. His voice actor, Phil Hartman, was murdered in 1998 and his character was retired out of respect. He has not appeared in a speaking role since Season 9 of the show. You can get a glimpse of Lionel in action in the courtroom in the clip below.

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