The Night Shift Canceled By NBC, Will Not Return For Season 5

Night Shift

There has never been a shortage of medical dramas on any given network. The genre has always been popular, with some shows like Grey's Anatomy lasting way longer than you'd ever expect. Well, not every show gets to be Grey's Anatomy, and NBC has decided to call it quits on one of its lesser-known dramas: The Night Shift. The drama never quite managed to make a loud splash, and the Peacock has opted to cancel the show following its recent fourth season.

Per Deadline, NBC is cancelling The Night Shift. The medical drama followed the doctors, nurses, and medical staff who worked the late night shift in the emergency room at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Several of the characters had connections to the army, with some doctors being veterans themselves. The emphasis on veteran and military issues is what helped to initially set The Night Shift apart from the dozens of other medical dramas, but the show just never managed to land a bigger audience. The show aired four total seasons, with the now final season having aired this summer.

As to why the show is getting the axe, it was never particularly a strong performer for NBC. The show mostly aired in the off-season during the summer, where it acquired decent enough ratings for NBC to keep it on the release schedule for the next few years. It also never really struck a chord with critics. The show got mostly average reviews throughout its run. And while likelihood of a shows being saved by another network or streaming service is much higher than it used to be, there doesn't seem to be any talk about the show airing its fifth season elsewhere.

The Night Shift was created and executive produced by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. It starred Eoin Macken (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), Jill Flint (The Amazing Spider-Man, Royal Pains), Ken Leung (Lost, Inhumans), and Brendan Fehr (Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: First Class).

For those who are chomping at the bits for those medical dramas, NBC still has some shows for you to watch. The network currently airs Chicago Med of its Chicago-verse (is that what people call that?). It also has several shows in the works for the new TV season. One of these is Bellevue, from David Schulner and Peter Horton, which already has a put pilot commitment. The project is set at New York City's Bellevue Hospital and follows the new medical director who must tame the Manhattan institution.

There are no more episodes of The Night Shift to look forward to, but there's plenty of other TV out there. Make sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated on all the big developments as soon as that information is available.

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