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Kit Harington was forced to attend a costume party as Jon Snow, and the reason why is actually hilarious. Harington's fiance Rose Leslie (who played Ygritte on the series) made him dress as his Game Of Thrones character for the party as a prank that went outrageously well. Harington then attended the event in full garb to a party where the theme was "bad taste".

To Rose Leslie's credit, it would be in extremely bad taste to be the actor who shows up to a costume party dressed as a character they play in a series. Kit Harington tells Cosmopolitan Leslie said she wouldn't love him if he didn't wear the costume, so he was forced to put it on to play along with his fiance's cruel joke. It sounds a bit twisted and crazy, but nothing compared to what Harington put Leslie through when he pranked her on April Fools Day.

As for how the attendees to the party reacted to Kit Harington showing up in Game Of Thrones garb, he says he at least felt like he was being judged by the catering staff. What's even better, is that Harington was dressed as Jon Snow, but as opposed to being in an actual outfit from the series, he was wearing a knockoff getup from a costume shop. Harington didn't even get the satisfaction of looking cool to the few people in attendance who would be stoked to see him in full character. Rose Leslie either has a truly devious mind, or she's learned from the GoT showrunners how fun it is to pick on Harington.

At least the prank was lighthearted and Rose Leslie didn't try to get her fiance to dress up in anything controversial. If she was really mean she might've had him show up to the party in the same costume he wore in his ill-fated film Pompeii. Hopefully, these two spend a lifetime making each other miserable with their playful pranks, so we can continue to hear about their ridiculous exploits. If it isn't meant to be, let's at least hope the two's relationship lasts longer than Jon and Ygritte's on Game of Thrones.

It's stories like this that remind us we may have a long time to wait before we see the next season of Game of Thrones. If it's any consolation, there are ample opportunities to see the show's actors in the series on other projects as we wait for HBO to take us back to Westeros. In addition to that, our fall premiere guide is chocked full of great programming worth checking out over the next couple of months that, at the very least, will knock your wait until next season down by quite a few months.

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