Stranger Things Is Getting A Netflix Aftershow That Isn't Hosted By Chris Hardwick

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Those who love to talk about Stranger Things, but don't have friends that offer deep and insightful commentary regarding the show, are in luck! Netflix is adding a full season of a Stranger Things aftershow on the same day Season 2 goes up (which is October 27), and it sounds as though it will be fans' one stop shop for episode analysis. Unfortunately for some, Beyond Stranger Things isn't hosted by aftershow-magnet Chris Hardwick, but it does feature a fantastic host and quite a few guests that are sure to excite fans, while providing lots of insight regarding the spooky show.

As for who IS hosting Beyond Stranger Things, THR reports superfan and Community vet Jim Rash has been enlisted and will be in charge of all seven episodes. Rash will be joined by the creative tag team of the Duffer Brothers, director and executive-producer Shawn Levy, and a rotating lineup of Stranger Things cast members. While Chris Hardwick is nowhere to be seen, Beyond Stranger Things happens to be produced by Embassy Row, the same production company behind Hardwick's Talking Dead on AMC.

While everything about Beyond Stranger Things sounds like the standard fare for an aftershow, there is one pretty substantial difference between it and other shows that should be noted. Netflix is warning Stranger Things fans outright that they should NOT watch Beyond Stranger Things until they have completed all of Season 2. Presumably, this is due to some pretty massive spoilers getting dropped in throughout all the episodes (hopefully none of these), and it's possible the rotating cast members will get asked about the same twists and turns that happen in various parts of the show. Thankfully, there are no spoilers dropped in this preview Netflix provided, which features the show's intro as well as a sneak peek of what to expect.

Fun fact, the guy who made the intro music for Beyond Stranger Things is also the composer for Minecraft. The version he makes available online is a slower tempo than what is used in the intro to the show, so hopefully, that version gets released sooner than later.

Both Beyond Stranger Things and Stranger Things Season 2 release tomorrow on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT. Those needing a quick refresher on what all happened in Season 1, but don't have time to binge, should check out our episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast for all the info regarding this season as well as what to look out for in these coming episodes. For more fall programs to get into over the next couple months, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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